OdinSchool (powered by GreyCampus) is an upskilling platform that helps people launch, transform, and propel their careers in Data Science. We have very strong conviction in the fact that Data Science is here to stay and grow consistently over the next decade. 

Our mission is to select talented youth from across the country and transform them into skilled resources in the emerging domain of Data Sciences. We also work very closely with the industry, not only to place our students, but also to solicit industry participation in making our programs very relevant to the demands of the current corporate world. 

At OdinSchool, we adopt a bootcamp approach in skilling. Our bootcamps are highly dynamic, industry relevant and rigorous. At the same time, they are designed to give our learners the flexibility of learning at their own pace so that they can master every concept before moving on the next.  Complete with live classes from domain experts, hands-on projects, mentorship from industry leaders, and career services, our Bootcamps are singularly aimed at producing skilled professionals in the Data Science domain. 

If you are a Data Science aspirant, let us help you build your dream career. We are keen to hear from you if you are interested in joining our awesome team. Please reach out to us at hello@odinschool.com.

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