Angelina Daisy's Career Launch After A 16-Year Break

Angelina Daisy's Career Launch After A 16-Year Break


Women, especially in Indian social structure, often struggle to balance their personal and career lives. In the process, their dreams of achieving career goals often take a back seat. Despite recent advancements, there are so many obstacles for women who want to resume their occupations after marriage. 

Read the inspirational journey of Angelina Daisy, who crossed all the hurdles on her way and launched her career in Data Science!

Indian women face unique challenges when it comes to balancing their career life and family life. In the process, their dreams of achieving success in their professional lives often take a backseat. Despite the progress made in recent years, there are still a lot of barriers for women who aspire to relaunch their careers after getting married. 

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This is where the success story of Angelina Daisy finds its relevance; she relaunched her career after a whopping 16-year break and currently works as an Associate Software Engineer at Motivity Labs. Read her success story here.  

"Launching my career with a 16-year career gap was definitely not easy; being a mother, I had a whole different set of priorities. But OdinSchool’s Data Science Bootcamp has helped many women like me get their careers up and running again."

In 2006, Angelina graduated from Pydah College of Engineering and Technology with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE). Soon after her graduation, she joined JustDial where she worked for 11 months. She got married during her stint at JustDial. This was when she decided to take a career break to focus on her family life. 

The attempt to stay relevant

Even though her career remained dormant for 16 years, she knew the need to keep up with the industry. While freelancing as a content writer, she took up several certification courses to upgrade her skill set. But, her priorities shifted after she became a mother. 

"To relaunch my career, I took up several online courses and acquired several certifications, but without proper guidance, those courses were futile in helping me land a job. They don’t tell you how to re-enter the workforce after a long break”, she recalls while talking about her decision to restart her career. 

"Things got right soon after joining OdinSchool; they started from scratch, and that is exactly what I needed. After grasping at straws for so long, I finally felt I was on the right track,” she says. 

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Angelina’s journey with OdinSchool

"After enrolling in OdinSchool's Data Science Course, I was overpowered by so many insecurities; all of my co-learners were 15 years younger than me. But my mentors never let me down; Without their help, I would not have been able to relaunch my career. I am grateful for their support and guidance.” she elaborates on her training experience with OdinSchool.

Angelina was an exceptional student in spite of her insecurities. She was always diligent in her studies and regularly ranked amongst the top 5 students in her batch. Her hard work and dedication to learning paid off in the end, making her one of the most successful students in her batch.

Placement Experience

“Three out of the five interview rounds at Motivity Labs had self-introduction questions. I was given meticulous training on introducing myself to an interviewer. This training came in handy during my actual interview. This is how in-depth OdinSchool’s Career Services is. At the end of the Bootcamp, I wasn’t scared to sit for interviews anymore.”

OdinSchool’s Courses are not just about training a learner in a set of technical skills. They make you job-ready; this includes streamlining all your professional profiles, instilling in you the confidence to attend interviews, training you in the behavioural skills which you are supposed to showcase after getting hired, and many more! Angelina's confidence to rejoin the workforce after 16 years came from the Career Services of OdinSchool. 


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