B.Tech Dropout Re-launched Her Career With A 10-year Career Gap!

B.Tech Dropout Re-launched Her Career With A 10-year Career Gap!


Satya Supraja's journey from a B.Tech dropout with a 10-year career gap to a successful business Intelligence Analyst at Celebal Technologies showcases the power of self-belief and OdinSchool's support. After facing health struggles, she pursued a distance education in commerce but still felt lost in her career path. Inspired by OdinSchool's success stories, she joined their data science course despite fears about her non-IT background. The comprehensive teaching and personal mentors helped her overcome doubts and build confidence. Supraja rejected a job offer when unsatisfied with the salary, demonstrating her newfound belief in her skills. With OdinSchool's guidance, she secured a data science job at Celebal Technologies, proving that determination and the right education can lead to success even for non-IT graduates.

"Just believe in yourself and stop worrying about the course because OdinSchool will give its 100% for sure. With the tags of B.Tech dropout, 10-year career gap, education in distance mode and non-IT, I grew to the level of rejecting a job offer when not satisfied with the salary".

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M. Satya Supraja, from Kakinada, started her B.Tech in IT in 2009 but dropped out soon. Like many, she joined B.Tech due to family pressure but could not study much as her heart resided in the 'editing' domain.

As she was about to enter her dream domain, Supraja succumbed to serious health problems. Supraja's health steadied a little after ten years of significant health struggle. When she thought she didn't even have a graduation degree, she joined a distance education course in 2019. Supraja soon graduated in commerce in 2022.

Supraja's Journey Towards Data Science and OdinSchool

After graduating in commerce, she felt even more lost and thought of learning IT software like SAP to stabilize her career and reduce her financial burden. However, Supraja had no clue about the next step in her career. That's when her aunt, who works in the IT industry, told her about Data Science and OdinSchool. She forwarded her a video of Naga Laxmi, who also has an 11-year career gap but re-launched herself as an Associate Manager at Pepsico.


Supraja watched and read many OdinSchool's success stories. She really got inspired to chalk out her success story as well. So, she went ahead and joined OdinSchool.

Supraja's Experience at OdinSchool

Though inspired, Supraja felt very apprehensive about joining the course due to her non-IT education background. In spite of her fears, she joined the course as she desperately wanted to move ahead in her career. 

The lessons soon began with statistics. Supraja did not face any difficulty in understanding due to her CBSC schooling. After that, when SQL started, her fears came back multiplied.

When I started getting taught from a very basic level, and I could get my doubts cleared till I got comfortable with the concept, my concerns about the technical subjects disappeared. I don't even have knowledge of Excel (my technical skills are almost zero). I might have asked 100+ questions more than 100 times. Every single time, the explanation was clear and not once there was a hint of any kind of frustration. 

At OdinSchool, placements start in the 4th month. Supraja got shortlisted for a job but rejected because, by this time, Supraja's confidence in her knowledge grew to the level of rejecting a job offer based on salary. After completing the capstone project, Supraja again got shortlisted for 3 more jobs, including Celebal Technologies.

OdinSchool provides personal mentors who call every week to discuss performance. They provide every kind of support possible and guide the students as per the requirements for placements.

Supraja's Advice For All the Non-IT Graduates

  1. Non-IT education doesn't have to do anything with learning a new IT subject. When we put in the right kind of effort, everything is possible.

  2. OdinSchool's faculty teaches all the concepts right from fundamentals. They give their 100% of effort. However, one can gain hands-on experience only when one practices the taught concepts. There are many platforms like Hacker Rank; practice on them as much as possible.

  3. Like every other data science aspirant searching for a professional course to join, I didn't trust OdinSchool initially. But when I got the job offer, even before completing the capstone project, I started trusting more and more. According to me, follow your mentor's suggestions, and you'll be good to go.

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