3 Big Tools to Tame the Many Features of Big Data

3 Big Tools to Tame the Many Features of Big Data


"Big Data" has replaced "business intelligence" and is transforming how organizations handle and analyze information. It involves complex coordination among servers and relies on tools like Hadoop and NoSQL databases. Tools such as Jaspersoft BI Suite, Pentaho Business Analytics, Karmasphere Studio, and Talend Open Studio facilitate data processing and integration. This shift empowers businesses to harness vast data sets for informed decision-making, marking a significant change in information management and analysis.
The industry now boasts of a new buzzword called “Big Data”. 
Virtually replacing the term "business intelligence, “which was so far dependent on reporting, spreadsheets, and the old-fashioned printouts, "Big data" is being increasingly used by managers, globally. Organizations are now hiring mathematicians and specialists to find solutions to the age-old problem: What is selling and why?
Big data, because of its larger scope and scale of operations, belongs to a more complicated world. Here, the information is spread across a number of heavily laden servers and the task of compiling all the data has to be coordinated among them. Read on for how Big data tools are becoming indispensable to organizations that are steering away from database software, a compilation of tables, adding up of columns, handling reporting software, recruitment of database programmers, and more. 

Big Data Tools

In the new scenario, Hadoop has emerged as a popular tool for coordinating the racks of servers. Additionally, NoSQL databases have established themselves as essential aids for storing data on a series of such racks. Though these mechanisms are not as polished as old database servers, they require much higher levels of sophistication. The available tools of big data are packaging their distributed computing power for tackling these racks and databases in better ways –and are proving to be more convenient for users.

Jaspersoft BI Suite

Ranking high on the list of big data tools, the Jaspersoft package is an open-source forerunner that’s reputed for producing reports from complex database columns. Well-polished and installed in many businesses, it is useful for converting SQL tables into PDFs. The results delivered by this tool can be scrutinized at meetings, by one and all. The Jaspersoft software layer is being added in companies that are looking towards joining the big data bandwagon. It is helping their purpose of sucking data from major storage platforms, generation of more reliable reports, and the proper handling of Cassandra, Redis, Riak, MongoDB, CouchDB, Neo4j, and so forth.
Here, Hadoop is well-represented too-- with JasperReports offering a smart Hive connector for reaching the inside of HBase. From graphs and interactive tables to sophisticated features for accessing stored data in diverse locations, the Jaspersoft BI Suite facilitates it all.

 Pentaho Business Analytics

Pentaho –a software platform a la JasperSoft, is making it more convenient for businesses to absorb and retain valuable information from new sources. It began its journey in the form of a report-generating engine and has branched out into the world of big data. Pentaho's tool is capable of handling popular NoSQL databases like Cassandra and MongoDB and also offers software for retrieving HBase data and HDFS file data from Hadoop clusters. Its graphical programming interface, better known as Pentaho Data Integration or Kettle, is one of Pentaho’s more intriguing tools. Totally integrated with Hadoop and other vital sources, Pentaho helps in the writing of codes and their execution on the cluster.

Karmasphere Studio and Analyst

Karmasphere Studio is typically a set of plug-ins developed on top of Eclipse. This specialized IDE is being used for creating and running Hadoop jobs and serves as a valuable developer tool. Fully equipped to handle the steps in the lifecycle of a Hadoop job, the many features offered by Karmasphere include the Karmasphere Analyst—a tool that is specifically employed for simplifying the task of going through all the data present in a Hadoop cluster. Along with functional subroutines like uncompressing log files (zipped), the Karmasphere Studio and Analyst are responsible for introducing many other useful building blocks and tools for programming Hadoop jobs to perfection.

Talend Open Studio

Talend, an Eclipse-based IDE, is packaged with several utility tools that are useful for stringing Hadoop data processing jobs and subroutines with the help of sophisticated data integration and management modules. Talend's components add proxy, fetch RSS feeds, gather information, and output results in a user-friendly manner. Along with maintaining TalendForge, which is a collection of important open-source extensions that are useful in working with a company's products, this big data tool sucks down information from systems like Salesforce.com and SugarCRM and simplifies their integration—in many more ways than one. 
Skytree Server, Tableau Desktop and Server, Splunk. The list of big data tools is indeed endless!


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