Advantages Of Big Data And Iot In Digital Marketing |Big Data

Advantages Of Big Data And Iot In Digital Marketing |Big Data


In the digital era, organizations utilize digital marketing to connect with a global consumer base, using Big Data and IoT to target specific audiences based on demographics and interests. Big Data encompasses vast digital information, aiding companies in crafting effective marketing strategies. IoT, a network of internet-connected devices, is reshaping future markets, with billions of devices expected to be interconnected by 2020. Adapting to these trends is crucial for marketing agencies to stay competitive and embrace the potential of these technologies for more effective strategies.

In this digital age, organizations are taking advantage of digital marketing to reach out to a wide range of consumers across the globe. Digital marketing is helping organizations to reach to the target audience,for whom they have developed the products and wish to sell their products. Digital marketing gives them the flexibility to segregate audiences according to age groups, genders, and interests. Marketing agencies are taking advantage of Big Data and the Internet of Things [IoT], to target the right audience. These two components act as the driving force for digital marketing. In the following paragraphs, we will be focusing on Big Data and IoT and their benefits in digital marketing (Here's the perfect parcel of information to learn data science).

About Big Data?

As the word Big Data itself implies that it is a data-set which deals with large chunks of digital data. This digital information can be anything ranging from sales information, online consumer data, mobile data, social media and more. Big Data can be available in structured or unstructured manner. Manufacturers and service providers collect these from various agencies and make use of this information for promotion of their products and marketing purposes. They make use of analytics and take services of experts to devise a marketing plan and strategy which helps them to use this data in an optimum manner and reach out to maximum number of people. By planning in this manner companies can reach out to their target audience in a better and efficient manner.

About Internet Of Things [IoT]

Internet of Things (IoT), well this word might look new to many people, but it is the buzzing word thats around the world of smart gadget users. So what does this term IoT really mean, well in simple words, it is a massive network of devices that have the ability to connect and share the information with the aid of internet. This can be anything ranging from your smartphone, wearable gadgets, headphones to smart television sets.

Importance of Big Data and IoT in Future Markets

According to a survey conducted by a reputed organization , by the year 2020 the total number of connected devices could reach 26 to 28 billion. Many manufacturers across the globe are targeting this network architecture and are ensuring that their future products are designed and developed on the lines of IoT architecture so that they will be geared to face the future market. In simple words, its like a chain reaction of things, from the moment your alarm goes up in the morning till you go back to your sleep, where all the events happen as all the devices are synchronized using IoT (also consider checking out this career guide for data science jobs).

So, the sooner the better. Marketing companies have to adapt to the changing trends in the global market. Some marketing agencies have already gained hands on experience in using Big Data, some are in the learning curve and few are yet to begin. If we look at the reports published by a magazine, 30 to 40 percent marketing agencies are making use of Big Data and around 40 percent of them are starting to take advantage of IoT technologies and planning their marketing strategies accordingly. Marketing companies that are not equipped with this latest technology need to get acquainted to these new technologies as more and more companies could pitch in their marketing requests based on these new technologies which is cropping up at a very rapid pace and garnering massive attention. Looking at the present trends, we can assume that Big Data and IoT will dominate digital marketing world and give new horizons to the marketing strategies. 


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