How To Bag Top Big Data Jobs

How To Bag Top Big Data Jobs


The global big data job market is growing rapidly, driven by data-driven changes and a projected 96.29% increase in demand for skills. Sought-after roles include data scientists, analysts, and engineers. The supply of qualified talent lags, offering opportunities. Success requires sharpening skills, understanding user behavior, statistical/mathematical expertise, programming proficiency (Java, Python), creative problem-solving, and Hadoop skills for its expanding job market.

In 2016, enterprises are looking towards investing in advanced data-driven activities. So, the global big data job market has seen an unprecedented rise that makes aspirants want to know “How to bag top Big Data jobs.” Are you one of them?

Dynamic, data-driven changes are the primary reasons that have actually enabled the big data job market to grow at an intense pace. And not surprisingly so! According to a Forbes’ report, the world is going to witness 96.29% growth in demand for big data skill in 2016. Today, the most sought after talents in the big data jobs market – be it quantitative analysts and managers, data scientists, DBAs, or database technology engineers - are making it to the list of ‘most wanted’, and how!

Demand Outpaces Supply! 

The reality of the fast-growing big data job market is that the required set of skills and expertise are pretty difficult to find; this is because the big data roles demand a high level of analytical and practical expertise. The overall talent supply in this field is increasing, but then, the demand is mounting at a double pace to override the supply. If you have jumped on the bandwagon, and are looking for proven ways of ‘how to bag top big data jobs,’ then you are in the right place indeed. 

A Note to Smart Job Seekers! 

You know your skills well, right! Forget about the demand and supply equation, now concentrate on keeping your skills as sharp as possible. Ask yourself a question: “Do I have the skills to become a key player in the initiatives of the industries in big data job market?” If the soul inside you, replies in a “yes”, then trust me…. It is the best time! The big data job market players will surely be on the lookout for you. 

Want to test yourself? Here we are going to present certain identified skills normally sought by the industries in big data job market.

Skills that will help you to “Garner” Yourself 

So here comes the list with proper reasoning: 

1. Check out your philosophy 

Strategic employers in the big data job market are now hunting for well-rounded employees for their big data initiatives. Studies and researches have depicted that the candidates who have a very strong understanding of philosophy are ultimately the best candidates for the top big data jobs. So, the employers for sure, would want you to match your philosophical background with the ability benchmark to apply big data to their business challenges. 

2. Do you take your time to understand people’s mentality? 

Attention IT pros! The recruiters of the big data job market would like to evaluate whether you have the ability to understand not only the data but also the customers or users who generate a big chunk of that data. So, job seekers! Gear up to equip yourself with this skill if you do not have it already. Learn the reason behind understanding users and also the process of how you are going to utilize your understanding for the company’s betterment via big data.

3. Do you have a statistical or mathematical background?

This is actually what big data job market is all about! If you have a strong skill of reasoning quantifiably and possess a degree in either mathematics or statistics, then you are already halfway “in” to the big data world. For enhancing your abilities, obtain an expertise certification in statistical tools such as SAS, R, SPSS, Matlab or Stata. And you can lock down the top big data job in your briefcase – and with a bang! 

4. Do not confine yourself to analytics alone! 

Having a good hand upon general-purpose programming languages like Java, C, Python or Scala, would provide you a competitive advantage over other candidates searching for top big data jobs. Try not to get confined to just analytical skills and add this comprehensive expertise as well. According to the study of “Wanted Analytics”, the world had witnessed a 337 % rise in the number of job offers for computer programmers that necessitated the presence of a data analytical background. 

5. Are you creative and possess problem solving ability? 

If you have the ability to think about problem solving ideas in your own way, nothing can stop you from bagging your dream big data job. Top Big data implementation processes and the present technologies will obviously deviate for opening doors to new versions… but nothing can replace your natural desire to find solutions to the problems on hand. If you have it in you, then you will never feel any scarcity of big data jobs coming your way. 

Way Ahead- Opportunities for Hadoopers

Good news for the Hadoopers out there! 

The big data Hadoop job market is a continuously growing one; with the hiring demand for Hadoopers depicting an exponential curve. In regards to this, opportunities for Hadoopers are really infinite. Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Tester, Hadoop Architect and many more! If banging on and handling BIG data jobs is your passion, then leave thinking anymore and sign up for more new exciting facts about Hadoop jobs and Hadoopers. 

Let us know your views about the current Big Data job marker and what you’ve done to carve a niche for yourself in this industry. We will wait to hear from you.


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