The 125 Most Influential People in Big Data & Hadoop

The 125 Most Influential People in Big Data & Hadoop


GreyCampus has compiled a list of the top 150 influential people in Big Data & Hadoop, making it easier for users to find the right accounts to follow amid the vast Twitter landscape. The list includes individuals who meet specific criteria like having over 30,000 followers, following 1000 people, and tweeting more than 20,000 times in about four years. The rankings are determined by Klout and Social Authority scores. The list includes well-known figures such as Merv Adrian, Alistair Croll, and ben lorica. Users are encouraged to explore these profiles for insights into Big Data & Hadoop topics.

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There are more than 284 million active users on Twitter. This makes following the right person difficult.  Our Team at GreyCampus has analyzed thousands of accounts to find out the most influential people in Big Data & Hadoop. After crunching some numbers, we compiled a list of the top 150 for you.
Users who made it on our list have more than 30,000 followers, followed 1000 people, and tweeted more than 20,000 times in almost four years. The most popular keywords within bios are Big Data and Hadoop. This list does not have any inactive accounts as well as corporate accounts, and the ranks are based on their Klout score and their Social Authority score (Moz).
We congratulate all influencers who made it into the top 150! We now truly recommend following every one of them for interesting tweets about Big Data & Hadoop. Click on each Twitter handle and view their profile (also, consider checking out this perfect parcel of information for a data science degree). Please feel free to post your suggestions on this.

 Influencers List

 01. Name: Merv Adrian  @merv
Description: Gartner analyst - Microsoft Lead, Hadoop, Big Data, NoSQL, DBMSs. Guitarist, husband, dad, dog lover.
Total score: 128
02. Name: Alistair Croll @acrol l
Description: Writer, speaker, startup accelerant. Big Data, tech, and business. Strata, Startupfest, Bitnorth. Wrote @leananalytics. Working on @tiltmill.
Total score: 127
03. Name: ben lorica  @dliman
Description: PLEASE follow my other account instead: I only tweet @BigData. Chief Data Scientist
Total score: 125
04. Paul Zikopoulos   @BigData_paulz
Description: Award-winning speaker & author (19 books, 350+ articles). IBM VP. Trying to be the best dad I can be (no manual provided at birth). Opinions are boisterous but mine.
Total score: 121
05. Name: Mathias Herberts    @herberts
Description: Disruptive Engineer, Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder @CityzenData
Total score: 117
06. Name: Gregory Piatetsky    @kdnuggets
Description: KDnuggets President, Analytics/Big Data/Data Mining/Data Science expert, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, was Chief Scientist at two startups, part-time philosopher.
Total score: 117
07. Name: Gil Press     @GilPress
Description: I launched the #BigData conversation; writing, research, and marketing services;
Total score: 117
08. Name: Tony Baer      @TonyBaer
Description: IT analyst with Ovum covering Big Data & data management with some systems engineering was thrown in. The views stated here are my own.
Total score: 114
09. Name: John Akred      @BigDataAnalysis
Description: Data Scientist, Musician, Engineer, Analog Audio and Vacuum Tube lover. These thoughts are my own, but I love being CTO at Silicon Valley Data Science.
Total score: 113
10. Name: Jeff Kelly    @jeffreyfkelly
Description: Industry analyst covering the impact of Big Data on the enterprise at @Wikibon.
Total score: 113
11. Name: Michael E. Driscoll      @medriscoll
Description: Founder + CEO @Metamarkets. Investor @DCVC. I ? data, analytics, & visualization.
Total score: 112
12. Name: ted_dunning    @ted_dunning
Description: Committer on Apache Mahout, Apache Drill, PMC on Mahout, Zookeeper, Drill, Product Architect at MapR, ex-Chief Scientist at Veoh, Musicmatch.
Total score: 111
13. Name: Krish Krishnan     @datagenius
Description: Big Data Evangelist, Data Scientist, DW SME. Author, Strategy Consultant, Speaker, TDWI Faculty, CTO
Total score: 110
14. Name: Dain Hansen    @dainsworld
Description: Marketing Evangelist for Oracle. Passion for all things #Digital | #Cloud | #BigData | #PaaS | Foodie + Traveling Family Man. Views my own.
Total score: 110
15. Name: Patrick McFadin     @PatrickMcFadin
Description: Chief Evangelist for Cassandra. Data Modeling. Operations. Architecture. DataStax. I travel the world educating and advocating.
Total score: 107
16. Name: Milind Bhandarkar    @techmilind
Description: Data, Analytics, Parallel & Distributed Systems Practitioner. Opinions are my own, of course! RT != concurrence.
Total score: 106
17. Name: Beau Cronin     @beaucronin
Description: I want to understand and build intelligence. Probabilist, computational neuroscientist, AI realist, wide-eyed VR schemer.
Total score: 106
18. Name: Michael Hiskey      @mphnyc
Description: Coalescing the vapor of human existence into a palatable whole; outspoken purveyor of disruptive Tech: #BigData #Cloud #Analytics #BI. #BBBT Alum, #DataWrangler
Total Score: 105
19. Name: Michael Cavaretta    @mjcavaretta
Description: #DataScience Leader - Ford Motor Co. Opinions are mine. Top Big Data Influencer/Speaker - Leader of Big Data Drive
Total score: 105
20. Name: Arun C Murthy    @acmurthy
Description: Co-Founder, @Hortonworks. Moving Apache Hadoop forward since day one, since 2006. Older soul on sports than tech.
Total score: 105
21. Name: Grace Simrall    @Greendrv   
Description: Big data wrangler, analytics alchemist, design nerd, maker, hacker, epicurean, gardener. I ask *& answer* the questions that make peoples' brains hurt.
Total score: 104
22. Name: Peter Skomoroch     @peteskomoroch
Description: Creating intelligent systems to automate tasks & improve decisions. Entrepreneur, ex Principal Data Scientist @LinkedIn. Machine Learning, Product, Networks.
Total score: 103
23. Name: Josh Sullivan     @joshdsullivan
Description: Computer scientist, data analytics, data science, statistics, programming, algorithms, shiny toys - @boozallen SVP - Hadoop DC - Gay Agenda.
Total score: 101
24. Name: Joe Stein     @allthingshadoop
Description: Founder, Principal Consultant - Big Data Open Source Security LLC -  - also Blogger & Podcaster
Total score: 100
25. Name: Jameskobielus     @jameskobielus
Description: IBM Big Data Evangelist; Sr Prog Dir, Mktg, BD Analytics; Team Lead, Technical Marketing, IBM BD&A Hub. Tweets are mine & don't represent my employer's opinion.
Total score: 99
26. Name: Paige Roberts     @RobertsPaige
Description: Hadoop Analytics Evangelist, Actian Analytics COE. Writer. Analytics BI ETL DQ & other alphabet soup interests.Old integration & data mining hand. Sci-fi addict.
Total score: 98
27. Name: Mike Ferguson     @mikeferguson1
Description: Independent analyst, consultant, and keynote speaker specializing in business intelligence/analytics, data management, and big data.
Total score: 98
28. Name: Dan Vesset     @DanVesset
Description: IDC VP, lead analyst team Business Analytics, BI, DW, Decision Mgmt, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Content Analytics, Cognitive Systems, Value Added Content.
Total score: 97
29. Name: Area_Boy     @EUgwu
Description: Drinkard & Fervent Reader! Big Data Enthusiast & Cloud Opintar! An Idiot In Spite Of Himself.
Total score: 96
30. Name: Eric Sammer     @esammer
Description: Co-founder and CTO @scalingdata. Ex-@cloudera. open-source / distributed systems / data / Hadoop. author of Hadoop operations from O'Reilly.
Total score: 95
31. Name: Cedric Carbone     @carbone
Description: CoFounder @influans & @hugfrance?CTO @Talend 2006-2014?Board Member @NanoCloud & @OW2?Speaker?I?#BigData #Hadoop #Spark #Social #Cloud #MDM #MarTech #OpenSource.
Total score: 95
32. Name: Steve Watt     @wattsteve
Description: Red Hat Emerging Technologies. Chief Architect, Big Data. Kubernetes. Hadoop. GlusterFS. Open Source. Economics. Adventure. Travel. Rugby. Surfing.South African.
Total score: 93
33. Name: Ralf Becher     @irregularbi
Description: Qlik Luminary, Data Nerd & BI Punk: Big Data, Analytics, QlikView, Qlik Sense, Tableau, Hadoop, Neo4j, GibsonSG.
Total score: 93
34. Name: Andrew Purtell     @akpurtell
Description: Architect, Cloud Storage @ Salesforce, Committer @ Apache HBase, Phoenix, and Bigtop, systems architect, data wrangler. Ex Intel PE. All opinions are my own.
Total score: 93
35. Name: Vinod Vavilapalli     @Tshooter
Description: Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli. Hortonworks Inc. Long-term Apache Hadoop contributor, Committer & PMC member. Apache Member. Leading Hadoop YARN project from day one.
Total score: 92
36. Name: Big Data Borat     @BigDataBorat
Description: Learnings of Big Data for Make Nation of Kazakhstan #1 Leading Data Scientist Nation
Total score: 92
 37. Name: Shawn Dolley     @shawndolley  
Description: Big Data health & life science. Cloudera's SME. Analytics on streaming data from biosensors, genomics, signal detection, prediction, prevent child abuse/neglect.
Total score: 91
38. Name: Rebecca Croucher     @inside_data
Description: Digital Marketing, Big Data, Data Monetization, Enterprise Marketing and Senior Marketing Executive w/D&B (views are my own). Telecom/Cable/Media Industry Consultant.
Total score:  91 
39. Name: Stefan Groschupf    @StefanGroschupf
Description: CEO @Datameer (Most innovative companies 2013 @FastCompany) One of the guys that started this #Hadoop#BigData thing back in 2003.
Total score: 90
40. Name: Bill Franks     @billfranksga
Description: Analytics & big data focused speaker, blogger, consultant, and author.
Total score: 90
41. Name: Oscar Wijsman     @oscarwijsman
Description: Big Data Analytics * Connect * IoT * Innovation * Disruptive * H2020 Expert * Liberal D66 * Change often means chance * Opinions are my own
Total score: 89
42. Name: james fuller     @_james_fuller
Description: Own thoughts how to have fun with Big Data, MarkLogic, XQuery, xproc, emacs, unix.  - not a werewolf.
Total score: 89
43. Name: Abhishek Mehta    @ab_hi_
Description: Small footprint... BIG IMPACT... 24X7@tresata
Total score: 89
44.  Name: Thomas Keil     @DrKeil
Description: Program Manager at #SAS for #BigData, #Analytics, #Hadoop, #DataGovernance etc. Leading German think tank for Big Data at BITKOM. Opinions are my own.
Total score: 88
45. Name: Leon Katsnelson     @katsnelson
Description: Director & CTO at IBM. Focus on Cloud, Big Data, Hadoop, Streams, mobile and everything else that is cool. My tweets are my own.
Total score: 88
46.  Name: Joe Crobak    @joecrobak
Description:  Data Engineer at . I like Hadoop, distributed systems, and wrangling large amounts of data. I run
Total score: 88
47. Name: Rob Marano    @robmarano
Description: Passion building SW firms from scratch; started @TheHackerati to work on Big Data/Analytics/social/mobile, delivered as Engineering as a Service.
Total score: 87
48. Name: Nathan Bijnens     @nathan_gs
 Description: Fascinated with #bigdata, #IoT,#programming & #devops. Speaker on#LambdaArch & #BigData Engineer at Virdata.
Total score: 87
49. Name: Justin Lovell    @JustinLovell
Description: Aka 'the integrator'. Technologies using #Microsoft, #SAP, #Opensource. Providing #BusinessIntelligence #DataWarehousing #BigData solutions & thought leadership.
Total score: 87
50. Name: Ben Werther     @bwerther
Description: Founder and CEO of Platfora. Leading the industry transition to Big Data Analytics. #YouShouldKnow.
Total Score: 87
51.  Name: Steven Noels     @stevenn
Description: CTO NGDATA - Making Sense of Big Data. Customer Experience & Insights / Machine Learning / Lily / Hadoop / HBase.
Total score: 86
52. Name: Jonathan Hsieh     @jmhsieh
Description: Apache HBase committer. Apache Flume Founder. Engineer @ Cloudera. Ski bum.
Total score: 85
53.  Name: Paolo Di Paolantonio    @pdipao
Description: Cloud Computing, Big Data, Software development, AI, Machine learning, Startups, Quantitative & computational finance, Crypto-currencies.
Total score: 84
54. Name: Dale Roberts    @DaleyRoberts
Description: VP Professional Services EMEA, Clarabridge, Author, Speaker, Sometime polemicist on Social, #CX , Big Data, Digital Engagement. Southbankophile and Geek
Total score: 84
55. Name: Amina Abdulla     @inventiongirl
Description: Solutions Architect @Cloudera. I build data pipelines and analytics solutions. #Hadoop, machine learning, startups #cycling. #ProudIndian.
Total score:  84
56. Name:Todd Lipcon     @tlipcon
Description: Engineer at Cloudera, Hadoop/HBase committer, former Erlanger, machine learning enthusiast, Brown CS alumnus, wannabe pianist and cellist.
Total score: 83
57. Name: Owen O'Malley    @owen_omalley
Description: Co-founder of Hortonworks and senior architect. I've been making Hadoop scale up since the beginning. I've worked on HDFS, MapReduce, Security, & Hive.
Total score: 83
58. Name: Kevin Haynes    @Cloud9s
Description: Wyo Cowboy! Data Purist, Twitter Addict, Surfing Enthusiast, Risk Taker, Self-proclaimed social media rock star. Professional Recruiter #bigdata#datascientist.
Total score: 82
59. Name: Chris K Wensel    @cwensel
Description:  No description
Total score: 82
60. Name: Avik Dey     @AvikonHadoop
Description: Love to discuss things Hadoop and how you Hadoop. I can be reached at aviks\.email\@gmail\.com. All opinions are mine only.
Total score: 81
61. Name: Sanjay Mathur     @sanjaymathur
Description: Co-Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley Data Science. I build high performing teams and focus on how emerging technologies can make a difference in business.
Total score: 80
62. Name: Nik Rouda    @nrouda
Description: Senior Analyst at ESG for Big Data, Analytics, and Data Management.
Total score: 80
63. Name: Vera Wang     @THEverawang
Description: Wedding dress designer? NO, I'm THEverawang: Canadian (Raptors fan by default), Big Data Nerd, Runner, Foodie, Contextual Intelligence |
Total score: 79
64. Name: Jay Muelhoefer    @jaymuelhoefer
Description: Marketing, product, strategy for #IBM Software Defined and Storage. #Analytics, #BigData, #HPC, #Cloud; hockey, triathlons, fishing. Tweets are my own.
Total score: 79
66. Name: Kun Le     @kunlqt
Description: Founder and CTO @PDGTechJsc, @RetailFit Mobile Ads&Marketing.Interested in anything Tech,Data warehousing,BI,CRM,POS,Big Data,OOP,Web,Mobile Technologies..
Total score: 78
67. Name: jimkaskade    @jimkaskade
Description: CEO of fifteen years. Focused on Big Data, IoT, Social, Mobile, and Cloud Computing. Additional decade in data warehousing, business intelligence, data mining.
Total score: 78
68. Name: Jim Plush     @jimplush
Description: Sr Director of Engineering, CrowdStrike. scala, golang, kafka, Python, Hadoop, cassandra enthusiast.
Total score: 78
69. Name: David Dietrich     @imdaviddietrich
Description: Big Data SME, Inventor, Conference Speaker, Blogger, Evangelist; Director of Tech Marketing for EMC Big Data Solutions team; Opinions are my own, of course!
Total score: 78
70. Name: Avkash Chauhan     @avkashchauhan
Description: Founder and Principal @ Big Data Perspective - WE MAKE HADOOP FLY
Total score: 78
71. Name: Jonathan Natkins     @nattyice
Description: I like booze, food, databases, and Hadoop. Currently exploring data integration challenges at @streamsets. Formerly @wibidata, @cloudera, @hpvertica.
Total score:  76
72. Name: Jeff Jonas     @JeffJonas
Description: Context Computing. Big Data. Privacy by Design (PbD). Sensemaking. Ironman Triathlons (all of them).
Total score: 76
73. Name: Jean-Daniel Cryans    @jdcryans
Description: Apache HBase committer and Software Engineer at Cloudera. Québécois
Total score: 76
74. Name: jamesvgingerich     @jamesvgingerich
Description: I love talking SMAC! #Social , #Mobile , #Analytics and #Cloud . My real passion is Big Data ( #bigdata ) which I believe includes all of these and more!
Total Score: 76
75. Name: Sanjeev Kumar     @dataPlumbers
Description: Technology Executive. Big Data. Hadoop. Next Gen Messaging. Middleware. Cloud. Leadership Enthusiast. EV's. Squash. Cricket. Digital Photography. 
Total score: 75
76. Name: Sharad Agarwal      @sharad_ag
Description: Experimenter, Hadoop-er, data geek
Total score: 74
77. Name: Vineeth Abraham     @VinGAbr
Description: #BigData , #Analytics and #Retail enthusiast  My tweets, my opinion
Total score: 73
78. Name: Devaraj Das    @ddraj
Description: Co-founder at Hortonworks. Apache Hadoop Committer / PMC member. Apache HBase Committer. Apache Member.
Total score: 73
79. Name: John Haddad    @JohnM_Haddad
Description: Interested in Big Data, Hadoop, data integration, data services, agile BI, data quality, data virtualization, Enterprise Information Management.
Total score: 72
80. Name: Matthew Carter    @Dmattcarter
Description: Digital Strategy Lead for Big Data & Analytics @ IBM. I'll share my own thoughts on B2B social strategy, tech and sanity during Maine Winters.
Total score: 71
81. Name: Ryan Rawson     @ryanobjc   
Description: Software Engineering Manager, WANdisco, Non-Stop HBase
Total score: 70
82. Name: Markus Schmidberger     @cloudHPC
Description: I am a #Munich based #Cloud and #BigData expert.
Total score: 70
83. Name: Blaine Kohlb     @bmkohl
Description: Networking, cloud, big data & analytics. Helping improve lives. Equestrian. Sustainable farmer: Life Slice editor@life_slice,
Total score: 70
84. Name: Ben Hagan     @ben_hagan
Description: Principal Sales Engineer at @Data Sift. Product management, hacker, big data, social, open source, start-ups, entrepreneur. Can’t get enough wake boarding ;)
Total score: 70
85. Name: Charles Boicey     @N2InformaticsRN
Description: Enterprise Analytics Architect working on HIE, Pop Health, Clinical Intelligence and a Big Data Hadoop Ecosystem to advance healthcare.
Total score: 69
86. Name: Geert Van Landeghem     @gvanlandeghem
Description: Offering Big Data consultancy services through
Total score: 68
87. Name: Adam Fowler      @adamfowleruk
Description:  Principal Sales Engineer at MarkLogic. I blog on NoSQL databases. Author of the upcoming NoSQL For Dummies book. In my spare time I'm a cadet forces instructor.
Total score: 68
88. Name: Kamesh Pemmaraju    @kpemmaraju
Description: Passionate about applying emerging technologies to business, esp cloud, big data, and mobile solutions.
Total score: 67
89. Name: Ian Wrigley     @iwrigley 
Description: Director, Educational Curriculum at Cloudera. World's best training on Hadoop and related subjects. Still trying desperately to make fetch happen.
Total score: 66
90. Name: Venkat Viswanathan     @venkatlv
Description:  LatentView, Analytics, Insights, Social, Big Data
Total score: 65
91. Name: Ron Bodkin     @ronbodkin
Description: Founder & President of Think Big, a Teradata company. We build data science and engineering apps with Hadoop and NoSQL.
Total score: 65
92. Name: Woody Christy     @woodychristy
Description: Technologist with a passion for OSS being used in bleeding edge ways.
Total score: 64
93. Name: Bob Palmer     @bigdatabusiness
Description: I write about key business challenges, Big Data, analytics, CRM, cognitive computing, and financial services. Opinions are my own.
Total score:  63
94. Name: jhingran     @jhingran
Description:  VP, Data @Apigee.
Total score: 62
95. Name: Rob Johnson    @rejohnson
Description: @cloudera The best Hadoop company in the universe.
Total score: 61
96. Name: Ben Lever     @bmlever
Description: Cooking, food, beer, wine, music, inner westie, CTO @ambiata. Sydney
Total score: 61
97. Name: mahadev konar     @mahadevkonar
Description: Spend some time on Apache ZooKeeper, Apache Hadoop.......
Total score: 60
98. Name: Clark Richey    @crichey
Description: CTO, software engineer, Big Data expert
Total score: 59
99. Name: Todd Mostak     @ToddMostak
Description: Co-founder and CEO of MapD, a GPU database for querying and mapping big data. I also like cats.
Total score: 58
100. Name: makoto kataigi     @mkataigi
Description: I am doing Web -based engineer in Tokyo .Hadoop / data mining / search / large-scale data processing / gadgets / games / sleep / purring.
Total score: 58
101. Name: abetaha     @abetaha
Description: I work as the VP of Development at Oracle. The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.
Total score: 58
102. Name: Rob Dielemans     @robdielemans
Description:Go Data Driven, data driven solutions, open source, , Farther of Marcus & Mats, MSc in economics, Value, #YES
Total score: 57
103. Name: Dirk Petzoldt    @Petzoldt
Description: Data Scientist at @otto_de. All opinions my own.
Total score : 57
104. Name: oza      @oza_x86
Description: Apache Hadoop Committer. My english account is oza_x86_64. Hadoop/Fluentd(fluent-logger-java/fluent-logger-scala)/msgpack(Scala/Java).
Total score: 56
105. Name: drluckyspin     @drluckyspin
Description: Purveyor of Cloud, (Big)Data & Hadoop. Entrepreneur. Surfer. DJ. CTO @Splunk.
Total score: 56
106. Name: Eugene Koontz    @hadooplearnings
Descrption: not available.
Total score: 55
107. Name: Stephen MacNeil     @smacneil_ 
Description: The postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent IBM position. RTs are not endorsements #IBMSpectrumscale #SYMPHONY #BIGDATA #HPC #WATSON
Total score: 54
108. Name: Karubi Namuru     @karubi
Description: CEO of Kauli, PhD in CS, advertising technologies Internet than three times callings
Total score: 54
109. Name: Toby Segaran      @kiwitobes
Description: Hi! I'm nemoton from Japan. I'm interested in essence of communications and ExtremScaleComputing./Artificil Intelligence/BehavioralEconomics/Shougi/Hadoop
Total score:  52
111. Name: Jim Fisher    @JimRFisher
Description: Director of Sales Engineering at Cloudera
Total score: 52
112. Name: Jacob Perkins     @TheDataChef
Description: Big data hacker, hadoop, pig, sci-fi fanboy, physics nerd, circus freak
Total score: 52
Description: Exploring the intersection of Big Data, business analytics and education.
Total score: 51
114. Name: Paul Clark     @tawoo
Description: Brit in California. Swimmer. Spare time landscape architect. SAP employee working with technology partners. Analytics, IoT, big data interests.
Total score: 49
115. Name: Mark Troester      @mtroester
Description: IT/CIO Strategist @ Progress Software - PaaS, App Dev, Big Data, Cloud
Total score: 49
116. Name: Tim Moreton     @timmoreton
Description: Building iCloud at Apple. Built analytics over Apache Cassandra at Acunu. Trying to retain my British intonation. 
Total score: 48
117. Name: Krishnan Parasuraman     @kparasuraman
Description: Seasoned business development exec focusing on Big Data, Complex Analytics and Scale out computing platforms.
Total score: 48
118. Name: Raul Chong     @raulchong
 Description:  Big data and Cloud Senior Program Manager & Evangelist
Total score: 47
119. Name: Warren Hart     @Warren_Hart
Description: Partner @ CSC, College Business Prof, MBA student, start-up leader, real estate developer, ex IBM VP & GM. Interests: investing, energy, & big data.
Total score: 46
120. Name: Olap Databasson      @BlueBoxTraveler
Description: Distributed Systems + Medieval Studies = awesome. Committer: Hadoop, Kafka, Samza, Giraph. Trying to be everywhere.
Total score: 45
 121. Name: Juliet HLC Hougland    @j_houg
Description: Mathlete gone pro, Data Scientist @Cloudera. ML, Hadoop, and Diversity in Tech.
Total score: 44
122. Name: MOROZUMI,Hiroyuki    @morozumi_h 
Description: Working as an IT Architect. love  Hadoop,NoSQLs, AWS, Scala, GAE, Android, iOS, node_js, HTML5 and more. I'm a geek of gadgets.
Total score: 41
123. Name: Brad Sarsfield     @bradsa12
Description: Engineer at Microsoft working on Big Data / Hadoop for Windows
Total score:  41
124. Name : Wenming Ye    @wenmingye
Description: Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure SQL Database team.
Total score: 40
125. Name: Alex Villamil      @avillamil7
Description: Data Engineering
Total score: 40


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