Top 3 Meaningful Reasons To Learn Hadoop |Big Data

Top 3 Meaningful Reasons To Learn Hadoop |Big Data


Hadoop's significance is rising with the growing demand for Big Data analytics. The global Hadoop market was expected to reach $8.74 billion in 2016 and potentially $50.2 billion by 2020. Learning Hadoop through certification offers a competitive edge in the job market. Its role is crucial in the expanding Big Data landscape, as it efficiently processes and stores massive datasets. Hadoop training equips professionals to thrive in various industries and make informed business decisions. With evolving Hadoop ecosystems, Hadoop certification is becoming a necessity for application professionals.

As the requirement for Big Data analytics grows, the demand for Hadoop is expected to rise. According to expert market analysts, the global Hadoop market was expected to take a giant leap from $1.5 billion in 2012 to $8.74 billion in 2016 and even going higher to an approximate figure of $50.2 billion by 2020. 

Considering the above-mentioned facts, even though Hadoop training might be a bit challenging but it is not bereft of its long-term benefits. By completing a Hadoop certification course professionals earn a competitive edge along with a unique skill set. Alice Hill, Managing Director, asserts that, “Hadoop is an emerging skill. Companies need to manage large-scale data operations, and the whole idea of Hadoop is that you can do it inexpensively. That works really well with what we see in terms of the movement to the cloud.”

Top 3 Meaningful Reasons to Learn Hadoop

Today, according to market analysts certified training in Hadoop for professionals is imperative. The top 3 practical reasons that support this view are:

  • Hadoop will bring lucrative career scopes in 2015 and ahead

According to Parameswara R Ganta, CTO and head of Big Data Practice, VisualPath, majority of organizations are aiming to recruit trained and expert IT professionals having an experience in ETL/DWH, BI (Business Intelligence) and a sound understanding of Hadoop ecosystems such as Hive/Pig with NoSQL databases like Cassandra, MongoDB, MapReduce, HDFS and HBase. It is also observed that career scopes for Hadoop professionals are available in multiple industry verticals that include retailing, sports, media, healthcare, energy and agriculture (Here's the perfect parcel of information to learn data science). Equipped with a Hadoop training and certification, a professional/candidate becomes qualified to apply for a wide selection of job profiles like Big Data Architect, Hadoop Developer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst and Hadoop Administrator. 

  • Hadoop helps to keep pace with the ever-expanding Big Data Market

The new age auction management companies and multi-national retailers assist their users to quickly find thousands of products based on their preferences within a second. This was not the scenario a decade back. Similarly, today we have walked in to the realm of Big Data, where Hadoop happens to be a prominent part that successfully addresses and caters to the challenges brought up by rapid digitization. Apache Hadoop can easily process and store large data sets by utilizing an affordable commodity hardware system. Digital data leaves its imprints everywhere. This makes it crucial to learn the way to store high-volume, high-variety, and high-velocity of data easily and fast in a cost-effective manner. Hadoop is the best answer to this (also consider checking out this perfect parcel of information for a data science degree). 

  • Helps to arrive at well-informed decisions

Learning Hadoop gives you the access to additional inputs that only serves to make informed business decisions and empowered choices. Professionals with Hadoop training can better identify scopes that will add value to an organization’s business strategy. Furthermore, Hadoop 2 comes with advanced features that improves speed and reduces expenses. Providing better scopes to enhance performance and maximize speed boosts a company’s overall productivity. Other beneficial features of Hadoop and Hadoop 2 are:

  • Runs smoothly on Microsoft Windows

  • Provides improved assistance for brand new applications on YARN along with Application Timeline Server and Application History Server

  • Offers complete HTTPS assistance in HDFS

  • Streamlines the circulation of the MapReduce binaries through HDFS in the YARN Distributed Cache

  • Assists heterogeneous storage chain of command in HDFS

  • Allows integration of Kerberos in YARN timeline store

  • Facilitates an in-memory cache for the HDFS data with a centralized management and supervision

Hadoop ecosystem continues to evolve. According to a Forrester report, the minor section of CIO’s caught-up in the decision-making process are likely to make Hadoop a priority in 2015. Hence the application development and application delivery professionals need to get ready accordingly. This suggests that it’s not just beneficial but crucial to learn Hadoop in the forthcoming days (also consider checking out this career guide for data science jobs). 


Big Data Applications and Hadoop walk hand in hand. Latest reports and studies indicate that company’s going to make Hadoop a priority by 2015. A Hadoop certification in Hadoop enables professionals to bag the best jobs and make empowered decisions.


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