A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming an AWS Solutions Architect

A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming an AWS Solutions Architect


This blog emphasizes the importance of AWS certification, particularly the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, to enhance employability in the cloud computing field.  The roadmap consists of training, studying AWS documentation, hands-on practice, mock exams, and finally, getting certified. The certification opens opportunities for advanced AWS learning and increased job prospects. Hands-on practice is highlighted as crucial for success in scenario-based questions. The article encourages beginners to explore AWS and offers an introductory video on the topic.

You must have learned about the rise in cloud computing if your career path is linked to information technology in any way. 

Whether you are an on-field engineer or a manager, learning about the cloud is an important decision you must take to enhance your employability.

AWS is the leading cloud services organization in the world, and, currently, the maximum market share in cloud services is owned by Amazon Web services. This implies that most of companies have already adopted AWS.

GreyCampus provides AWS certified solutions architect associate training that is intended to up someone’s skills and expertise in designing, deploying, operating applications and infrastructure on the AWS platform.

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We shall get into details later, but first, let us learn about the three associate-level offered and which of those are most valuable. 

There are three associate-level AWS certifications offered:

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate – For prospective solution designers on AWS.

2. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate – For operations engineers and administrators on AWS.

3. AWS Certified Developer Associate – For developers who don’t need architecting knowledge but only tools and services required to develop and deploy using AWS.

Of these, AWS-certified solutions architect is the most sought after by the companies and is hence going to be our attention. We should go with this certification because it gives a good overview of what is achievable on the AWS platform. The other two associate-level certifications are particular to developers and system administrators as beginners.

Road map to getting certified as an AWS Solutions Architect


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Training provided at GreyCampus makes sure you are well-versed and well-equipped with in-depth knowledge in this domain. We offer an exhaustive set of materials ranging from video lectures, quizzes to cloud-based practice lab exercises (Here's the perfect parcel of information to learn cloud computing). 


The documentation on AWS’s website provides exhaustive end-to-end detail from running a new database to building an s3 bucket, to correct multiple types of errors, etc. This can be overwhelming, and one can easily be derailed with superfluous details when prepping for the test. GreyCampus offers a streamlined yet comprehensive study material and training resource.


AWS allows you to create a free account to spin your tools and learn how the AWS works (Also check out the cloud computing certification that guides you through the course). Additionally, GreyCampus’ customized cloud-based practice lab exercises allow you to implement the theory you have gained so far methodically and systematically. 


GreyCampus provides mock exams that reproduce the constraints of the actual examination. GreyCampus also will provide customized feedback reports with which you can track and improve your performance.


At this point, you can apply for the actual certification that costs you USD 150 once all training is complete. It is a concept experiment that you have to pick a test center for your study. You should also take essential documents with you, such as confirmatory exam information. This document contains an access code without which you cannot begin the test. 

Tips and exam details

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In conclusion, becoming a certified solutions architect will open the path for learning more advanced topics in AWS in the future. It will also help you create more job opportunities. It is to be noted that no amount of training or courses can beat hands-on practice; these will help you solve the scenario-based questions. If you follow the learning path it is guaranteed that you will be successful. Happy learning.
If you are a beginner and have just begun exploring AWS, then watch our video on "Introduction to AWS" that covers what exactly it is, its market presence, and reasons why organizations are adopting AWS.





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