Code, Courage, and Career: Akhil's Inspiring Journey with OdinSchool

Code, Courage, and Career: Akhil's Inspiring Journey with OdinSchool


In 2019, a Warangal-based Computer Science Engineer faced a two-year career pause due to his father's ailing health. The family relied on his job at Singareni, halted due to a severe heart condition. Akhil worked in a small business to sustain them. While Amazon's BPO didn't align with his coding passion, OdinSchool did. Balancing night shifts and rigorous study, he committed to the 80-20 rule. OdinSchool's support and focus on personal growth transformed him. This journey, from a 2019 passout to OdinSchool, stands as a testament to resilience and adaptability.

In a small town of Warangal, 2019 marked the culmination of a Computer Science Engineer's career journey.


Little did I know life had a unique path for me. A two-year hiatus unfolded as a result of my father's health struggles. He had been dedicatedly toiling away in the mines of Singareni, but a routine health check unearthed a startling truth - his heart was in a weaker condition than thought.

Twists and Turns of Akhil's Life

Till then, the father's job was the only source of livelihood that abruptly stopped. Singareni couldn't allow him to continue to work with a weak heart. Now, it was time for Akhil to stand tall and take responsibility.

Two years passed, marked by the challenge of sustaining the family. Akhil worked alongside his father's friend in a modest business venture during this period.

Seeking a change, he ventured into Amazon's BPO domain. However, the respectable role didn't quite align with his passion for coding. It was evident that a shift was needed, but Akhil was uncertain about his next move.

Enter OdinSchool’s Data Science Course

That's when a friend introduced him to OdinSchool's job-aligned Data Science Course, a beacon of hope amidst the fog of indecision. Intrigued, he delved deeper, discovering VtheTechee's YouTube channel, where he watched OdinSchool's office tour that left an indelible mark, radiating authenticity.

After some heartfelt discussions with OdinSchool's counselling team, I took the plunge. I committed to the 80-20 rule - investing 80% effort for the 20% they provided. The grind was real, balancing night shifts at the BPO, ending at 2 a.m., and burning the midnight oil until 5 a.m.

But, OdinSchool also proved to be remarkably supportive, understanding the demands of Akhil's dual responsibilities.

It was more than just an educational institution for Akhil that laid the foundation for data science. It provided students with industry-relevant tools, providing a holistic understanding of the field. Regular feedback and interactive classroom training sessions were integral to the learning experience. They nurtured learner's problem-solving capabilities, preparing them for the challenges ahead.

Akhil's Love for Career Services

OdinSchool's Career Services extend beyond technical skills. From email writing to personal development, they honed professional conduct from every angle. 

Vivek sir's interactive sessions especially transformed a reserved individual like me into a confident professional.

Furthermore, OdinSchool delves into the realm of personal development, recognizing that true success lies not only in technical expertise but also in one's ability to adapt, lead, and collaborate effectively. Through workshops, seminars, and personalized coaching, students are guided towards unlocking their full potential. They learn to cultivate a growth mindset, build resilience, and develop leadership qualities that are essential for thriving in today's competitive landscape.


Ultimately, Akhil's journey from a 2019 pass out to having two years career gap to Amazon's BPO to OdinSchool was not just about academic growth but a testament to the power of determination and the value of a supportive learning environment.

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