Continuous Learning Amidst Uncertainty: Sandeep's Path to Data Science

Continuous Learning Amidst Uncertainty: Sandeep's Path to Data Science

"You won't get a job just because you paid for the course; continuous learning is the key.
The course only creates the right learning environment and provides opportunities." - Sandeep Atmakuru, data scientist intern at Xcrino.


OdinGrad | Sandeep Atmakuru success story

After completing his graduation in electronics engineering at Geetanjali College, one of the prestigious institutions in Andhra Pradesh, Sandeep secured a placement at Infosys through his college's placement assistance.

How did Sandeep cross the most uncertain phase in his life? 

The days turned into weeks and then months, and Sandeep found himself in a state of constant uncertainty and anxiety. The absence of an offer letter from the employer weighed heavily on his mind, leaving him feeling lost and unsure about his future. With each passing day, the wait seemed never-ending, and Sandeep struggled to cope with the mounting pressure of the unknown.

Eventually, the prolonged period of waiting became unbearable for Sandeep, prompting him to take a step back and reflect on his career path.

Recalling his natural affinity for coding and his fondness for working with numbers, he realized that he needed to align his career with his strengths and interests. It was this realization that led him to explore new career opportunities and consider a shift towards a field that would leverage his skills and passions. His exploration into different career paths opened his eyes to the booming field of data science, where the demand for skilled professionals was skyrocketing across various industries.

Recognizing the potential for growth and advancement in this field, Sandeep was drawn to the endless possibilities that data science offered. With its ability to extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data, data science seemed like the perfect fit for someone with his coding skills and knack for working with numbers.

Why did Sandeep choose OdinSchool over all the other data science courses?

Embracing this new direction, Sandeep set out on a journey to upskill and equip himself with the necessary knowledge and expertise to thrive in the dynamic world of data science. 

For  6 months, he prepared on his own using different kinds of online resources. and he applied for jobs. He could not get through a single interview, and for many, he did not even get a chance to appear for the interview.

Sandeep got disheartened. Later, when he analyzed he could understand that there were gaps in his learnings. So he started looking for a course that could provide him with a structured curriculum that is industry-vetted and help him with placements. After much research he came to know about OdinSchool through YouTube videos of their success stories. His faith doubled when he watched OdinSchool's successful alumni  meet. He immediately joined the data science course without a second thought.

one time, when it got difficult for me and few other students to understand a module, they immediately changed the instructor. They always keep their student learning above everything else.

After receiving the data science course completion certificate, login credentials are provided for two portals: placement training and job application.

The first portal, i.e., the placement training portal, has everything related to resume building, mock interviews, behavioral training, and alumni members talking sometimes so that we can learn from them. Then, there is a job application portal where various jobs are posted and matched with different job profiles. They also conduct odintalks, where industry experts provide different insights.

Sandeep's advice to all those who are looking to enter the data science industry

  1. Follow the bonus content of OdinSchool, it will make you stand apart from the crowd

  2. If you get a chance to do internship, please dont forgo it thinking you might get less salary. Data science industry places lot of importance on internship.

Finally, data science is in boom, so upskill yourself irrespective of the educational background as data science is required in every industry. Below are some of the very good examples who had a very successful career transition from a non-IT background into data science.

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