How to Become a Data Scientist in 2020 | Data Science

How to Become a Data Scientist in 2020 | Data Science


The blog discusses the growing popularity of data science as a career choice and its multidisciplinary nature, making it accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds. It highlights the key takeaways from a session on becoming a good data scientist, including the required skills, the effort and time needed to acquire them, prerequisites, and available resources for skill development. Aspiring data scientists can gain valuable insights from this article to plan their journey in the field and enhance their chances of success.

Data science has rapidly become a popular career choice in recent times. Data science is a multidisciplinary domain which means people from different backgrounds can take it up as a career (Here's the perfect parcel of information to learn data science). But how does one go about becoming a good Data Scientist?


Key takeaways from the session:

 1. What skills are needed to be a Data Scientist?

 2. How much effort and time is required to acquire these skills?

 3. What are the prerequisites?

 4. Where can you acquire these skills?


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