Family Disapproval to Success: Mahender's Data Science Career Journey

Family Disapproval to Success: Mahender's Data Science Career Journey


Mahender Kore transitioned from a government research job to a data science role at Cotiviti, driven by a desire for impactful work. Originally a materials engineer and coming from an agricultural background, Mahender embraced data science upon realizing its potential during his routine data analysis. His journey, marked by rigorous preparation amid familial tensions, culminated in him gaining both technical and soft skills, proving the importance of adapting to new opportunities and following one’s passion, even from a non-tech background.

This story is about the successful career transition of Mahender Kore from doing a research job in a government office to being a MIS analyst at Cotiviti.

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Mahender's background 

Mahender studied materials engineering and has a post-graduation degree in it, which landed him a R&D job in the government department. He comes from an agricultural family, and his office was quite close to his home.

Basically, he had a very simple 9-5 lifestyle where he went to office, did some work and came back home. He was yearning to do more in his career, like do some good research work that actually helps organizations make crucial decisions.

Why did Mahender choose data science?

When Mahender was doing his research, he often had to analyze different data sets. That's when he learned about data science, which could help him study the data and present it in a better way. In addition, he realized that in the coming days there will only be more & more data because everybody is generating data, not just big companies. 

There is huge demand for data science in the job market. This demand for data scientists or data science professionals, in- turn, calls for big salary figures.

The greater his interest in the data science domain, the more he googled and read about it. He came across various courses that teach data science. He started digging into each of them, and of all he found, OdinSchool's data science course was very comprehensive. Mahender got very inspired from their success stories and loved their student reviews. He immediately made up his mind, spoke to the counselor, and joined the course.

No success without a twist!

During the time when he was thinking of the domain switch and joining the course, his parents were completely against the idea. Every day, the family had some sort of discussion that conveyed disapproval, but then the parents let go, thinking he just got infected by a new idea and would soon grow out of it. However, that was not the case. The family did not know how much Mahender loved playing with data and wanted to study data science.

And, as soon as he joined the data science course, hell broke loose at his house. There was a big drama - his father could not even fathom the idea as to why anybody would leave a government job. He had a very heated argument with his son saying though the current government job might not give him a hefty package but it provided job security. Moreover, the office was quite close to his house which did not let him travel for hours and get tired by the time he returned home in the evening.

Mahender understood that just by being a rebel and bypassing his father's thoughts would only ensure that heat increases in the house day-by-day. So, he calmly sat down with family and explained how data science is in huge demand and how its necessary for his career to study data science through proper channels. He explained very clearly that joining a data science course was just not about the salary package and it is a by-product that is created by the ever- increasing demand for data science.

Though Mahender's family understood his point-of view, his father was still skeptical. But when he saw his boy taking the course very seriously and working hard over the data science projects, he understood the passion behind Mahender's idea of having data science as a full-fledged profession and not just any interest.

Mahender's journey in OdinSchool

As I come from a non-tech background, I initially had many fears about diving into the technically complex and unfamiliar tech industry. In the beginning, I always approached the classes with a lot of anxiety, but then their live sessions made you understand the concept so well that I never felt like I was a non-tech guy, and they made sure that everyone understood.

Mahender loved their OdinTalks, where subject matter experts, industry practitioners, and thought leaders talk about the latest trends, technologies, hiring processes, and more. Moreover, he could also interact with them.

In addition, Mahender emphasizes that OdinSchool goes beyond just focusing on completing the course curriculum. Unlike many other educational institutions, they also prioritize the development of soft skills. This holistic approach not only equips students with technical knowledge but also hones their communication, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities. By integrating soft skills training into their program, OdinSchool ensures that graduates are well-rounded professionals who can thrive in the dynamic and collaborative environment of the tech industry. This emphasis on soft skills sets OdinSchool apart and empowers students like Mahender to not only excel in their technical roles but also effectively communicate, collaborate, and lead in their careers.

Mahender's Insights

Do not worry about the non-tech background. It hardly matters when you have the required skills. There are many people who are doing great in the data science industry but have entered the domain with a non-tech background.

G. Naresh Babu, who is now a Senior Data Analyst at Capgemini was a mechanical engineer who tried to pursue UPSC. 


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