Inspiring Career Journey of a CS Graduate to Data Engineering

Inspiring Career Journey of a CS Graduate to Data Engineering


Nagadurga's story encapsulates the transformative power of upskilling. As the pandemic disrupted placements, Nagadurga sought independent pathways, only to discover the limitations of her skills. Seeking safety amidst the pandemic, online learning became her refuge, leading her to OdinSchool through VtheTechee's videos. Practical implementation and an industry-vetted curriculum fortified her skills and confidence. The learning journey continued with exceptional career support.

In a small town of Elluru, Andhra Pradesh, where the tranquil landscapes meet the hum of progress, a determined young professional's journey began.


OdinGrad - Nagadurga.R success story

Meet Nagadurga, a Computer Science graduate who passed out in 2021 and emerged victorious against the challenges of a pandemic-stricken world to secure a thriving career as a Data Engineer at DataFactZ. This is her inspiring story of resilience, upskilling, and the pivotal role played by OdinSchool in her success.

COVID-19 and College Placements

As the final year of her college approached, Nagadurga, like many others, was eagerly anticipating her placement. However, the unprecedented disruption caused by the pandemic sent shockwaves through the employment landscape. College placements were badly affected, and the path ahead appeared murky. Nagadurga decided to take matters into her own hands and embarked on a journey to secure a job on her own.

But despite her determination, Nagadurga realized that her skills were insufficient to crack the interviews. She needed to upskill, but the safety concerns associated with offline courses during the pandemic kept her at bay. Nagadurga grew very anxious.
Her mother suggested she look for an online course after observing her anxiousness, and that was the first time she got an internet connection at her village house.

Data Science and OdinSchool

Nagadurga did not know where and how to start her learning journey, so she just kept browsing through different courses and websites. She started following V the Techee, YouTube channel, for job updates. During some of the sessions, some of the comments mentioned OdinSchool and data science.

That is when she researched data science and connected with OdinSchool. The counselling team at OdinSchool emphasized something that many online platforms often overlook – hands-on implementation. They stressed the importance of not just learning but practically applying what was taught. This resonated with Nagadurga as a powerful learning approach that could bridge the gap between theory and real-world practice.


Enrolling with OdinSchool, Nagadurga found herself in an immersive learning environment. She was introduced to a comprehensive curriculum that started from scratch, catering to individuals from diverse backgrounds. The approach was methodical, and the courses were designed to build skills progressively, enabling her to grasp complex concepts effortlessly. Regular tests and assessments were conducted to assess the practical application of learned concepts. This active learning approach transformed Nagadurga's learning experience, making it more engaging and effective.

OdinSchool's Placement

But the journey didn't stop at just learning. OdinSchool's robust career support played a pivotal role in Nagadurga's success. The team's guidance and mentorship helped Nagadurga navigate the intricacies of job interviews, resume crafting, and presentation skills.

Most of my subscribers also say the exact same thing. OdinSchool's career support is exceptional - VtheTechee

With their support, Nagadurga went into interviews with newfound confidence, armed with the skills and knowledge OdinSchool had equipped her with.

Final Thoughts

Looking back at her journey, Nagadurga is convinced that OdinSchool was the turning point that changed the course of her career. What started as a quest for safe and effective online learning ended as a remarkable success story. She now firmly believes that even individuals with non-IT backgrounds can thrive in the IT industry if they have the right guidance and learning resources like OdinSchool provides.

Nagadurga's story is a testament to the power of determination, online education, and the role of a platform like OdinSchool in shaping successful careers. In a world where challenges abound, stories like Nagadurga's serve as a beacon of hope, inspiring countless others to pursue their dreams and overcome adversities, armed with knowledge and the right support.

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