Shilpa's Career Journey From Assistant Professor To  Data Scientist

Shilpa's Career Journey From Assistant Professor To  Data Scientist


Shilpa Ingole from Mumbai had a 12-year career as a professor. Her Master’s Degree in IT didn’t suffice to break into a full-time role in Data Science. She explored other avenues such as Bootcamps to gain in-demand skills. Shilpa joined OdinSchool’s 6-month Data Science Bootcamp at the end of which she made her way into Capgemini

Data Science is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world and a top choice for professionals who make career switches. As for Shilpa Ingole, a professor with a decade-long experience, her lack of industry experience was a significant hurdle that stood in the way of her career aspirations. Despite having a Master's degree in Information and Technology, she wasn't confident about pursuing a career in Data Science.

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But, with hard work and training, she made her way to Capgemini, one of the biggest companies that leads digital transformation, technology, and engineering services. Her career journey illustrates the inevitability of gaining hands-on experience in any industry. Read her success story here.

Keeping up with industry demands

Over her 12-year career as a professor, Shilpa has acquired some of the skills that are considered highly valuable in the Data Science industry today. Even so, she knew they were not enough to establish a full-time career in the industry. Data Science is a highly dynamic, ever-evolving industry. To stay relevant in Data Science means to keep learning new skills. This is why she decided to join a Data Science Bootcamp. 

Hiring managers are no longer basing their recruitment strategies on the number of degrees a candidate has. The focus is now on skills and not educational qualifications - this paradigm shift has revolutionized the recruitment process in the tech sector. Conventional education, although necessary, does not always mean expertise. This is where Bootcamp finds its relevance. In essence, if you are looking to build your Data Science career, you should focus on skills and not on degrees.


Data Science Bootcamp to the Rescue

“While teaching is extremely fulfilling, the academia is not as happening as the actual industry. My age was certainly a challenge for me - I did not have industry experience even though I was a professor for 12 years. I already had some in-demand skills, but they were insufficient to deal with fast-paced, data-driven environments”, she reminisces. It was then that Shilpa realized the need to pursue other avenues, such as Data Science courses and bootcamps to get the experience she needed. But, much to her dismay, the first two courses she chose were not worthwhile. 

So, what distinguished OdinSchool from the previous courses she picked? She explains, ”I joined two Data Science courses before OdinSchool’s Bootcamp, but the curricula were not up to the mark. OdinSchool’s course content was exceptional and vetted by the industry - we had doubt clarification sessions every day. This level of personalized mentorship gave me a lot of confidence. The instructors had extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. They were always available for one-on-one sessions.”

Why choose a Data Science Bootcamp over a conventional degree?

While ‘Bootcamp vs. Degree’ remains a topic of contention, the following reasons make Bootcamps more desirable:

  • Bootcamp curricula are flexible in accommodating the changing demands of the industry.
  • Bootcamps are short and intensive.
  • There is a lot of focus on hands-on learning.
  • These programs are job-oriented, so the training aligns well with what the industry wants.

If you are waiting to successfully transition to a full-time Data Science role, now is the opportune moment! Apply to OdinSchool’s Data Science Bootcamp now, gain hands-on experience, and get placed at a leading company!



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