From Interior Design to Data Science: A Remarkable Story

From Interior Design to Data Science: A Remarkable Story


Shubham Patwa, a former freelance interior designer, faced financial challenges during the pandemic and explored data science as an alternative career path. His interest in Python led him to OdinSchool's data science bootcamp, attracted by its career services and success stories. With prior Python knowledge, he quickly grasped advanced concepts and worked on projects under expert guidance. Shubham's advice to aspiring data scientists includes using relevant keywords in job applications and focusing on the same domain for better job prospects. His successful transition to becoming a Data Scientist at Sutherland showcases the power of perseverance and targeted education in a competitive job market.

Shubham Patwa, a successful Data Scientist at Sutherland (one of the top global digital transformation companies that help businesses achieve non-linear growth by delivering exceptionally engineered experiences for customers and employees).

OdinGrad - Shubham success story

Shubham, from Udaipur, studied bachelor of architecture. He practised as a freelance interior designer for 5 years. He used to monitor and analyze the required space and provide design options per the client's budget.

Shubham's Exploration of Data Science 

As a freelancer, my income was not fixed, and it was getting difficult for me to work on my financial goals. "I enjoyed my work, even now I think of it, but the pay in my city is quite low, and payment release was also difficult". Then Covid happened. For 2 years, the interior designing industry and Shubham's work both crashed. 

During lockdown, Shubham started analyzing different coding/computer languages like C, Java and Python. He found Python much easier to learn when compared to other languages. Shubham explored further and learnt different Python tools like Pandas, Numpy, etc. At this stage, he wanted a certification in it.


Shubham's Journey At OdinSchool

As he was watching various YouTube videos to explore and do a certification, he came across a video by OdinSchool. Shubham liked their career services and placements.

Before joining OdinSchool's data science course, he tried to get a job directly in MNCs like Cognizant and Infosys, but most of them were not happy with his educational background. This rejection strengthened his thoughts on joining a professional course with good placements and career services. OdinSchool's success stories inspired him a lot, and he joined the course without a second thought. 


As he already learnt the basics of Python, learning advanced courses like Machine Language was not very difficult for him. He made the best use of the industry-vetted curriculum of OdinSchool. He could work on many advanced projects under the guidance of industry experts.

Shubham's Advice To All The Data Science Aspirants

  1. Get more interview calls by using keywords from the JD (you are looking for) from job portals like Naukri because every algorithm will look only for the keywords.

  2. Competition for data science jobs is very high; it is almost getting cruel. Feeling dejected by thinking of a non-IT educational background won't help. Only 'practice' can save you. Practice as much as possible every single day.

  3. When searching for a data science job, try to get in the same domain. For example - If you are from the banking sector and want to transition into data science, then try for a data science job role in the same sector (banking) because you will already have the core knowledge, which will put you ahead of others in terms of domain knowledge.

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