From Logistics to Data Science: Karthik's Success Story

From Logistics to Data Science: Karthik's Success Story


Karthik, a successful Global Transportation Analyst at Molex, shares a relatable journey. Despite his passion for logistics, faced burnout. Feeling physically and mentally drained, he struggled in his daily life. Recognizing the need for change, he sought to leverage his skills more effectively. Discovering data science, he enrolled at OdinSchool. Overcoming initial apprehensions, Karthik thrived in the course, crediting OdinSchool's comprehensive support. 

Karthik's story resonates with those who often find themselves drained and fatigued by their jobs, especially when faced with monotonous and repetitive tasks. Despite his passion for logistics, he struggled to find motivation to continue his job.

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Karthik's Struggle with Work Exhaustion

Despite his MBA in shipping and logistics, Karthik struggled to find meaning in his job. He grappled with the challenge of identifying ways to contribute directly to the growth of the business.

As time went on, Karthik's burnout got worse. He always felt tired, like he was carrying a heavy load. Even simple tasks felt like a big challenge. It was hard to focus, and making decisions became really tough. He found himself getting annoyed more easily. These were all signs that he was experiencing burnout, something that happens to many people in jobs when physical, mental and emotional exhaustion takes over.

Karthik knew he needed a change. He really liked logistics, but doing the same manual tasks repeatedly like a robot didn't appeal to him. He also didn't want to quit his job without a clear plan. This was a big decision, and he wanted to think it through carefully.

One fine day, while casually browsing through YouTube, Karthik stumbled upon an intriguing VtheTechee video that discussed the promising job market in data science and the excellent placement opportunities offered by OdinSchool. According to Shruti Gaddam, the Head of Corporate Relations and placements at OdinSchool, data science is an essential technology that holds the key to growth in every industry and business.


Karthik's Data Science Learning Journey

Motivated by Shruti's inspiring words and a newfound sense of purpose, Karthik eagerly enrolled in OdinSchool's data science course, recognizing it as a transformative opportunity to apply his expertise in study and analysis directly to the logistics industry. 

Karthik felt a little scared at the start of the course due to his non-IT educational background. 

As I am from a non-IT background, I dont have knowledge about data science. I didn't even hear about its popular tools like Python, SQL, etc. But then, I was taught from basics and didn't have to take any stress to catch up with the IT guys. They have an LMS tool that gets cleared when you ask doubt. I could comfortably study the advanced versions of these tools.

At present, Karthik is working as a Global Transportation Analyst, successfully placed at Molex.

Karthik's Insights

  • Practice as much as you can with different types of data sets using online platforms like Kaggle

  • Though OdinSchool's job preparation (mock interviews, profiling, etc.) is thorough, self-analysis is a must. This can be easily done using HackerRank.

  • For Softskills, be rest assured that OdinSchool's placement team takes complete care to teach you everything required for an interview.

Karthik's Inspiring Interview

Moral of the Story

Karthik's story is a reminder that it is important to take care of your mental health and to find a career that you are passionate about.

And it is never too late to change careers. With hard work and dedication, you can always achieve your goals.


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