From Frustration to Success: Shivansh's Inspiring Data Science Journey

From Frustration to Success: Shivansh's Inspiring Data Science Journey


Shivansh Mishra's inspiring journey from civil engineer to successful data analyst at Tech Mahindra is highlighted in the blog. Frustrated with his previous job, Shivansh pursued data science at OdinSchool, gaining hands-on experience through real-world projects. With OdinSchool's career services, he secured a placement at Tech Mahindra, proving that anyone can switch industries with determination and effort. His success story showcases the potential of data science for career transformation.

"Don't quit when things get difficult. Self-confidence and consistent effort make everything possible. If I, with non-tech education, can successfully transition into data science, then anybody can" - Shivansh.

OdinGrad Shivansh Success story

What made Shivansh Pursue Data Science?

Shivansh, a civil engineer, is now a successful data analyst at Tech Mahindra, one of the largest IT firms in India. As a civil engineer, he worked with a flyover construction company where his role (site engineer) consisted of everything from designing to execution to labour handling.

Shivansh worked as a site engineer for 1.5 years. The extremely long working hours and challenges when dealing with the labour force did not allow him to balance his work and personal life. Moreover, career growth also stagnated. All this added up to the utmost frustration in life.

By then, he had hit rock bottom in his life. Without getting demotivated, he started contemplating. He desperately wanted a change in his career. He then thought about data science, of which he had heard much. Shivansh also heard many success stories in data science from his IT friends, greatly inspiring him.

Shivansh's Navigation Towards OdinSchool

After deciding to pursue a career in data science, Shivansh began his quest for a comprehensive course. All his efforts led him to OdinSchool, which offers a meticulously designed program. What captivated him was the curriculum, which undergoes monthly updates to align with industry standards and demands.

Though I started the journey with a lot of determination, as the days went by, I started getting anxious because these were hard-core IT subjects, and I'm from a non-IT background. Moreover, I didn't even have a job at hand. But along with upskilling, the 'student success team' helped me greatly with moral support. Cheers to them!

Shivansh's Projects

OdinSchool provides an opportunity to have hands-on experience with real-world projects under the guidance of industry experts. Shivansh worked on two such projects.

#1 Project - Credit Card Approval Based on Machine Learning 

This project's aim was to streamline the process of checking a client's credit history. Typically, this process takes 5-7 business days for a bank to complete. This project was to make the process more efficient and instant.

Initially, Shivansh cleaned and pre-processed the personal, financial, and educational history information of the customers. This was followed by feature engineering. He then analyzed the trends and patterns. Accordingly, Shivansh designed machine learning models with the help of logistics, regression, bagging, boosting and XG boost algorithms. He could achieve 95% accuracy in his predictions.

#2 Project - Sales Analysis of a Car Retailer

This project's aim was to analyze the sales of a classic car retailer, Hexon, using Power BI. There were many loopholes in the business, leading to absolutely zero growth for the company. Shivansh analyzed the data and designed a dashboard using Power BI. His visualization helped the client to understand the issues in the right way. 

Shivansh's Interview Experience

Before the job drive starts, OdinSchool helps its students become job-ready with different career services like resume building, mock interviews, behavioural skill workshops, online profile building, and industry interactions.

Shivansh secured a placement in his first opportunity through OdinSchool. He underwent a three-tier selection process for Tech Mahindra. The initial stage involved a written test consisting of multiple-choice questions, with most of them focusing on SQL and process mining.

Following the written test, Shivansh faced two technical interviews. The first round emphasized window functions, aggregations, grouping, and constraints. The subsequent round, conducted prior to the final HR interview, focused on SQL and process mining, with questions primarily at intermediate and advanced difficulty levels.

Shivansh's Concluding Remark

Anyone can switch industries; a non-IT educational background does not make a difference. If I can transition from Civil Engineering to Data Science, anybody can do it. I believe that preparation and consistent effort make a difference. Before leaping to a new job or industry, it is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of the current job, industry, financial position, and the course you plan to pursue.

Inspired? You can build a successful career too! Get started with OdinSchool's Data Science course and learn the most in-demand skills in the market.

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