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Mohit Goswami's Passionate Journey to Becoming a Data Scientist!

Mohit Goswami's Passionate Journey to Becoming a Data Scientist!


You can do anything as long as you have the passion.

Mohit Goswami is a fine example for the above expression. He furthered his studies as far as PostGraduation in Molecular Science, yet Mohit's determination and fascination towards Computers did not alter his dream. Mohit lived his love for Life Science through his PG and now is on another journey towards his Passion.

Right from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, William Harley, and Craig Newmark to Colonel Harland Sanders, all of them demonstrated the truth in the adage "Do what you love, and you'll never work another day in your life”. These entrepreneurs did just that and have made millions!

A little similar is the story of Mohit Goswami, who is currently an Associate Data Scientist at ADQ, a holding company with a broad portfolio of major enterprises spanning key sectors of Abu Dhabi's diversified economy. 

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Mohit's Dilemma

Mohit loves Life Sciences but has also liked playing with computers since childhood. This resulted in a dilemma when choosing his graduating stream because he wanted to study both. Mohit went ahead with his love for Life Sciences. Mohit could not stop there and went ahead with post-graduation in Molecular Medicine. While pursuing his masters, he was fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language. Mohit was consumed by the idea that if he could grasp machine language, maybe he could contribute more towards his passionate subject - Life Science in future.

Another Life Puzzle

Mohit pondered, “After being a postgraduate and progressing so far in Life Sciences, would it be right to start the career all over again? Just because I’m fascinated with some new technology, would I be able to understand it enough to start a career?” "What do I do, and where do I start because artificial intelligence and machine language are huge subjects in their own rights. Mohit wondered as his thoughts became even more disorganized.

“Why not simply begin my search on Google”, thought Mohit. He began focusing all of his searches on Data Science. He started to worry now, wondering, "How am I even going to comprehend this huge subject?"

When Mohit turned to Google once more, he discovered numerous websites that offered courses on data science. He started researching them all and discovered that he loved the mentor profiles and curriculum featured in OdinSchool's Data Science Course. He especially loved being able to tailor the core and elective studies to fit his interests and strengths. Mohit felt inspired by other success stories as well.


Mohit's Learning Journey at OdinSchool

Started off as a perplexed student, but he could quickly grasp the subject due to his childhood hobby - playing around with computers.

Moreover, Mohit was free to inquire about his doubts at any time. Along with instructing him in the material, the instructors also served as his mentors. Although Mohit became more knowledgeable in his field, he lacked soft skills.

OdinSchool recognized this and used mock interviews to help Mohit develop his professional brand and self-assurance. Mohit's performance was constantly evaluated by experts, and they assisted with more tailored communications. He was required to attend the placement drives on a regular basis which boosted his confidence.

This is Mohit’s exact words when asked about his overall experience, “Overall, its a fulfilling experience with OdinSchool.”

At present, Mohit is on his way to gain hands-on experience with the most sought-after technology.

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Gain valuable insights and motivation from his journey.

Mohit Goswami’s journey is a true inspiration for those who think starting a career in a different field is not possible. It's also an inspiration for those who believe pursuing a hobby is a waste of time.


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