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Top Five Myths About Becoming A Software Developer

Top Five Myths About Becoming A Software Developer


Becoming a software developer is not limited to geniuses or those with specific backgrounds. It involves learning coding languages, which may be challenging but not impossible. Age is not a barrier, and coding boot camps cater to learners of all ages and experience levels. Formal computer science degrees are not essential; many successful developers are self-taught. There is no single "best" programming language, as the choice depends on project requirements. Dispelling these myths can empower aspiring developers to pursue their dream career with confidence and hard work.

Procuring the knowledge and skills of becoming a software developer is a privilege granted to few. This is not true at all! Here, we talk about the top 5 myths about becoming a software developer. 

Essentially, learning the ways of becoming a software developer is similar to pursuing any other career skill. Here, just like in all other career opportunities, hard work serves to be the most important determinant for success. Notwithstanding this indisputable fact, most people love to misinterpret that software development is exclusively for a particular segment of the society; such as mathematics wizards or geniuses. This dodgy misunderstanding often discourages aspirants (with extraordinary potential for hard work) from taking up this career path. Are you one of them?

Myth # 1: I can’t dream of becoming a software developer…I am not a genius!

In reality, you need not be a genius for choosing a career in software development. 

Do know that not all software engineers are geniuses. Rather, their possessed skills can be placed on a scale measuring from brilliant to poor. On the “brilliant” point, you would discover programmers with impressive talent and extraordinary work ethics; while the other end of the spectrum would depict the reverse. Upon analyzing these programmers closely, you will find that until expertise is achieved, they have invested their resources in theoretical lessons before indulging in practical projects. So, believe in the reality that no one is differently cut out for becoming a software developer and even you can be “the one”. 

Myth # 2: Learning the process of coding is like jumping into the sea without knowing how to swim

Well, though it is not an easy task to become an expert in software development, you will find little difficulty in learning the basic and advanced coding processes. 
In most cases, coding deals with special computer-based languages for giving instructions to a program; these include Javascript, PHP, Ruby and a host of other programming languages. Writing a program refers to instructing a computer to perform a task by providing it with sequential instructions; or performing several mini tasks that are aimed at accomplishing a big task. Yes, software development actually works through these languages. These languages may be easy to study at the beginning but are strenuous to gain expertise in at later stages. You need to put in a lot of hard work to find your way through! However, it is not an impossible task. 

Myth # 3: I am too old to start my career as a software developer

The truth is that you are never too late to start taking up the path towards becoming a successful software developer. 

There are a number of coding boot camps that enable students belonging to all age categories and backgrounds to learn how to code. While some aspirants may join with little programming skills to boast of, others may be complete novices in this field. As long as you are assured of delivering hard work, you can join at any age. Just go for it!

Myth # 4: A Computer Science degree from a reputed institution is essential for becoming a software developer

Software developers without a ‘proper’ computer science degree are more widespread than you believe. 

Astonishingly, you will find a significant proportion of the programming industry being self-taught and sans the possession of a formal degree from any reputed college or institute. This is because software development modules can be learned online or offline alike. Once these programmers (without any sophisticated degree) find a job, they can develop a portfolio and start mastering the modules that are in demand by working on live projects. In this regard, the contribution of online forums, software development platforms, and hands-on experiences with development firms cannot be disregarded in any way. 

Myth # 5: Knowledge about the best programming languages is important for defeating competitors

The obvious truth is that there is no declared “best” programming language till now that you can learn and gain expertise in. 

The immediate and future requirements of a project decide upon the language that has to be applied to accomplish all goals. Sometimes, several programming languages are combined together and they cannot be applied to each other. These languages are differently designed to handle varied responsibilities and attain common objectives. 

The Upshot…

So, after knowing the reality behind these most common myths about becoming a software developer, expectantly, you can get rid of some wrong notions that you may have been harboring so far. Go ahead; build upon the required confidence level and pursue your dream career in programming. With the right time and endeavor inputs, you will not find any reason to fail. 


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