Reshaping Destiny: Soniya's Inspiring Journey from HR to Data Science

Reshaping Destiny: Soniya's Inspiring Journey from HR to Data Science


Soniya Kaur's remarkable journey exemplifies the power of perseverance, self-discovery, and seizing opportunities in the ever-evolving career landscape. Dissatisfied with her HR career, she courageously explored data science, discovering her passion for data analysis.

Soniya's resilience amid initial fears showcased her strength of determination. Most significantly, her ability to adapt and embrace new opportunities exemplifies the agility necessary in today's dynamic job market. 

Soniya Kaur is now a successful Data Analyst at Swiggy!


Soniya Kaur from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, studied business administration. She started her career as an intern for the HR department at RMW India. After a successful internship, Soniya joined Spectreforce Technology. Here she had many work targets and had a lot of mental pressure. "Every Monday, I almost used to drag myself to the job, and every minute I felt that I didn't want to continue to work in the HR domain".

Soniya's Journey Into Data Science

Looking at her distressed state, her friend suggested she try data science. Soniya researched a lot in the field of data science. Soniya liked the data analysis category, especially for the fact that it does not involve much coding. *winks*

Soniya felt very scared at the thought of changing her domain of work, but when she saw videos of non-IT graduates relaunching their careers successfully, she knew if she could hone her IT skills really well, nothing could stop her from shining her career in IT.

Soniya's Roadmap to Data Analysis 

Like many others, Soniya also started her learning journey with YouTube, but she could not find any learning source that was in a structured way. This created all the more confusion. Hence, she decided to join a professional course.

As mentioned before, Soniya came across many success stories of OdinSchool on YouTube, so her first choice was OdinSchool when she thought of joining a professional data science Bootcamp.

Soniya soon joined OdinSchool and blindly followed whatever they did as she already had the utmost trust in their industry-vetted curriculum. Apart from that, she also used many tools to practice Python and SQL, like Hacker Rank, Leet code, W3 resource. 

Swiggy Interview Experience

In the early stages of job search, Soniya approached the process like a wide net cast into the vast sea of employment opportunities. It was a numbers game, or so she thought.

Soniya was applying to every job listing that remotely matched her qualifications, seemingly without rhyme or reason. She'd surf through various job boards, eagerly clicking "Apply Now" to any position that caught her eye.
However, despite her enthusiasm and tireless efforts, the responses were dishearteningly scarce.

It was like if I applied to 100 job vacancies, I would just get only 2-3 responses. I knew I was doing something fundamentally wrong, but I didn't know what. Then, the OdinSchool's placement team made me understand that it is not the way to apply for a job. I got to mould my resume as per the job description. They helped in every possible way, like preparation for interviews, working on my social accounts, etc., and now I got a job at one of the largest food platforms - Swiggy :)

The interviewer asked many questions on Excel, SQL, and Power BI. Most of the questions were in Excel. This was followed by an assessment test that had many condition-based questions. Soniya had 2 technical rounds and an HR round.

Soniya's Exclusive Interview

Moral of the Story

Soniya's journey exemplifies the transformative process of self-discovery. 

In the face of dissatisfaction and uncertainty in her HR career, she didn't simply settle but chose to explore an entirely new field, data science. Her relentless pursuit of a more fulfilling career showcases the power of determination and the willingness to overcome obstacles.

Soniya's story resonates with aspiring professionals, encouraging them to persevere through challenges, uncover their true passions, and fearlessly explore new avenues. 


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