Saravana's Inspiring Journey of Career Change and Learning Challenges

Saravana's Inspiring Journey of Career Change and Learning Challenges

In today's rapidly evolving job market, professionals often find themselves seeking new opportunities and exploring different career paths.

This is my story: A. Saravana, who was stuck in the job role of a network engineer and decided to embark on a career change journey and discovered the world of data science. Today, I'm working as a data analyst at First American, a global financial corporation.

The Success Story Of Saravana Atharupu

Why did I change my job?

As a network engineer, I often found myself at a crossroads in my career. Despite my dedication and hard work, I felt like I was always facing a dead-end. After some reflection, it was clear to me that I needed a change, a new challenge that would allow me to explore new horizons and expand my knowledge.

In my quest for a fresh start, I stumbled upon a YouTube channel called VtheTechee. Little did I know that this chance discovery would become a trusted source of inspiration and guidance for me. The channel's captivating content and insightful videos opened my eyes to the exciting world of data science.

Watching the success story of NagaLaxmi, who had a ten-year career gap but could secure a position at Pepsico through her dedication and determination, gave me hope. It showed me that with the right mindset and the willingness to learn, anything is possible.

Another video that caught my attention was the OdinSchool office tour. Seeing the dynamic and innovative learning environment they had created, I was instantly drawn to their approach. Intrigued, I decided to join their data science course after watching a demo that showcased their unique curriculum designed to meet the industry's demands.

I also read OdinSchool reviews, which were quite positive, and my thoughts about joining their course strengthened further.

OdinSchool Reviews

How did I overcome challenges?

OdinSchool data science course promised to bridge the gap between my networking work background and the world of data science. Eager to embrace this new challenge, I embarked on a journey of learning and growth.

But, it was not as easy as I thought. I had to manage both my current job role and learning. And, due to the night shifts, most of the time, I was left with no sleep or a maximum of two hours of sleep. However, The guidance and support I received during the learning sessions kept me motivated and focused.

When it got tough for me to go on, I remembered the OdinSchool councillor's words: Learning will get tough sometimes, and we will extend full support, but students leave their learning journey midway, which brings them again to the beginning of their learning curve that increases frustration. Consistency is always the key.

For me, while navigating the course, I encountered many learning roadblocks, even with SQL (which many find easy:(. As they said, the mentors explained the concepts how many ever times I asked and kept giving support till I felt comfortable with the subject. Additionally, they take doubt clarification sessions during weekdays as well; it's not like I have to wait till the weekend session. Other than that, there is also a discussion forum where we get immediate responses.

All of the resources provided by OdinSchool were super useful for my learning journey.

How did OdinSchool get me placed? 

In addition to providing a comprehensive curriculum, OdinSchool goes above and beyond to support its students in various aspects of their career development. They understand that success in the data science field is not just about technical skills but also about presenting oneself effectively to potential employers.

During the placement sessions, we are supported with different sessions focused on mock interviews, resume building, and LinkedIn optimization. These sessions helped me to stand out in the competitive data science job market.

Furthermore, OdinSchool understands the importance of effective communication skills in the workplace. 

For me, who had struggled with English speaking skills since childhood, OdinSchool became the catalyst for change. The fear of speaking in English that had gripped me for years was dispelled, and I could successfully come out of my shell with newfound confidence. - UPSC Setbacks to Sr. Data Analyst - An Inspiring Career Ride of Naresh Babu.

OdinSchool empowers its students to present themselves as strong candidates in the data science job market. With these additional resources and guidance, students can confidently navigate their career paths and seize exciting opportunities in the field of data science.

My message to everyone who wants to enter the data science world

Relying 100% on the course provider is not wrong, but relying on it and not doing the required hard work is wrong. OdinSchool gives its 100% to building the right curriculum and learning environment for its students.

Like they say, 'Hard Work will always beat Talent if it doesn't work hard enough.' Similarly, though you are from a non-IT background, if you work hard enough, your non-IT education does not matter when carving your path in data science like that of Shubham, who was an interior designer but now is a data scientist at Sutherlands.

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