Shailesh's Perseverance Story - Riding the Data Science Wave High

Shailesh's Perseverance Story - Riding the Data Science Wave High


We lose heart when we dont get the job we want, and most of the time, we tend to stop trying. Most of us end up compromising in our careers in terms of our passion.

Read to know how an ECE engineer strived hard for his passion with the help of OdinSchool. 

"Here are my 2 cents - Never be particular about the salary package or company when you start out your career; strive for the actual job you want, for knowledge and experience. Money will follow." - Shailesh R 

Shailesh is a Data Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global leader and supplier of scientific instrumentation, software services, consumables, and reagents. His story proves that successful careers are chalked out only when one is willing to work on one's passion dedicatedly.

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I felt totally lost!

Like most graduates, Shailesh felt lost after his graduation because he did not know what to do in his career and where or how to start. He felt stuck big-time but did not let that feeling stop his progress in career. Shailesh decided to empower himself by learning a few technologies like core Java and HTML. He wished to become a front-end developer but soon realized that his knowledge or experience was just not enough.

Persistently, he tried to learn more and get a better job for himself. However, as luck would have it, he landed himself in the software testing domain in a start-up. Then he thought to himself,

"This is not what I want and certainly not what I enjoy. I wanted to give myself more time to plan my career, but I was running short on time as it's been months since I graduated, and I was still unsure of any career path.”

Without losing hope, Shailesh kept exploring more opportunities. His research kept zeroing in on Data Science because of it being an ever-green industry and its infinite applications. He wanted to step into the Data Science field but felt lost again as he thought, “Where do I start, and how do I go about it?”. 

Then he thought, “Probably I should join a course where the SMEs might help me”, and fortunately, Shailesh heard about OdinSchool. He inquired about the curriculum and placements. He was amazed by what he found out,

OdinSchool’s curriculum is updated monthly as per the industry standards and requirements and has real-world projects too. It has the best-structured modules that develop all the major skills required to step into the data science stream. These modules also impart strong fundamentals in all the areas related to the Data Science stream, like Machine Learning, Statistics, Mining, Python, Exploratory Data Analysis, etc.

The placement assistance is also wonderful at OdinSchool, where they are tied up with 500+ companies, most of which are industry giants like Pepsico, Deloitte, Capgemini, Synchrony, Tech Mahindra, Genpact, Infosys, etc.

However, Shailesh felt apprehensive and thought, “How could a course have it all in 6 months?” 

Yet, he wanted to try and join the Data Science bootcamp at OdinSchool.

Now, after bagging 8.5 LPA with Thermo Fisher Scientific, one of the industry's global leaders, Shailesh looks back and thinks,


“Joining OdinSchool is the best decision I have ever made.”

“Had it not been for OdinSchool’s dynamic curriculum or the excellent mentorship where I could get my doubts resolved with SMEs whenever I want, I wouldn't have received the right industry knowledge and I would’ve remained as a mediocre programmer.

And had it not been for OdinSchool’s unique program, where I could choose my core and elective subjects as per my strengths, I would have given up on my passion (software development) in the first place. 

Also, had it not been for OdinSchool’s excellent career services that helped me build my professional profile and soft skills, I would not have been placed at one of the industry giants.

The only advice I would like to give my juniors is to be relentless in finding your passion, and if it is towards Data Science, then nothing like OdinSchool’s Bootcamp. 

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