Tech Excellence Through Upskilling: Somedip's Inspiring Story!

Tech Excellence Through Upskilling: Somedip's Inspiring Story!


Bypassing conventional engineering or medical paths, his passion for computers led him to pursue data analytics but from a tier III college. Disappointed by the outdated technology, he sought practical experience through an internship.

Identifying a skills gap, Somedip enrolled in OdinSchool's data science bootcamp, drawn by its inclusive approach. Entering the job market during a recession, OdinSchool's career counselling and frequent job drives allayed Somedip's fears. Impressively, he received offers from 8-9 companies, ultimately choosing Zerocodehr.

In a world dominated by traditional career paths, Somedip Ghosh chose his own course, fueled by a passion for computers. Discover how upskilling transformed his career.


After completing his BSc in Computer Science, Somedip pursued a Master's in Computer Applications with a specialization in data analytics from a tier III college.

His college was hardly updated regarding technology, so he felt his masters was only for namesake and didn't give him much knowledge.  Hence, he thought he should intern to gain the required knowledge and experience.

Somedip's Hunt for a Data Science Course

Though his internship in an IT company provided invaluable experience, he recognized a gap in his skill set after working on various projects and collaborating with peers.

Somedip strongly felt that it was time to enrol in a data science course to upskill himself as soon as possible. Then he started searching and found OdinSchool's data science bootcamp among other courses, very useful. Moreover, one of his friends also told him how the mentors there are very dedicated to providing the right learning environment to their students.

As per Somedip, "for the first 15 days, the course gives a broad perspective on different aspects of data science. This gives students a trial run before joining the course, which I really liked. Actually, people with long career gaps or with non-IT educational backgrounds can also join as Odinschool teaches from scratch, properly guides, and takes good assessments. Suppose any student is unable to grasp the subject; they slow down the speed of the curriculum and make sure that everyone is at par. I felt this is one of the best parts of their teaching pedagogy."



Job Recession

When Somedip joined OdinSchool's data science course, the job market was in recession. Like every other professional, he also felt concerned for his job, but he was in for a surprise!

Odinschool's career counselling team is amazing! We had job drives every 2 weeks. I got job offers from 8-9 companies. When people were struggling to get into a job, I got to select the company I wanted to work for, and I chose Zerocodehr.

Somedip's Advice

Focusing solely on technical proficiency in programming is undoubtedly crucial in the field of data science. However, my key advice to aspiring data science enthusiasts extends beyond coding expertise. It encompasses the development and refinement of soft skills, which are equally instrumental in achieving success in this domain.

Effective communication is paramount. The ability to convey complex insights in a clear, concise, and comprehensible manner is invaluable. Whether it's presenting findings to non-technical stakeholders or collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, communication skills form the bridge between data analysis and actionable insights.

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