Somya Singh's Escape From A 10-Year Career Rut

Somya Singh's Escape From A 10-Year Career Rut


Somya Singh, a B.Tech graduate, transformed her career with OdinSchool's Data Science Bootcamp. Despite initial fear, she embraced learning and benefited from flexible fee payment options. OdinSchool's support in mock interviews and coaching boosted her confidence. As a result, she secured a position at Prolifics, a leading company in digital transformation and analytics. This story emphasizes the significance of stepping out of one's comfort zone and investing in personal growth to advance in one's career.

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It can be tough to leave your comfort zone and try something new, especially if you've been in the same organization and role for a long time. But, sometimes, you need that extra push to get out there and go for it. OdinSchool's Data Science Course instilled in me the courage and confidence I needed to go get a new job.”

Somya Singh from Kanpur was in a career rut when she discovered OdinSchool. After her graduation from Bundelkhand University in B. Tech Computer Science, Somya joined a tech company as an intern and continued to work there full-time until the September of 2022.

But, she realized that she needed to work on her skill sets and upgrade her career. So she did. In October 2022, she got placed at Prolifics, a leader in digital transformation, data, analytics, DevOps, and digital business. Keep reading to find out how she upgraded her career with OdinSchool’s Data Science Bootcamp.

Getting out of comfort zone

Even after spending almost the first 10 years of her career at a company, Somya was not quite ready to discover what else was out there. She kept telling herself that she wouldn’t succeed in her interview; the fear of failure was overpowering, which is quite normal. 

While helping job seekers learn new skills is our primary objective, we are also here to help professionals who need guidance and support to either start or transition into something new in their careers. Our Bootcamp provides the perfect environment for them to venture into new things and offers them the tools they need to succeed. 

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Flexible fee payment options

“A friend of mine recommended OdinSchool's Data Science Course to me as a great place to learn upskill. He had received excellent training and placement at a top company. This is what encouraged me to enroll in the Data Science Bootcamp”, she recalls what inspired her to choose OdinSchool.

Somya was not in a financial position to pay the Bootcamp fee upfront. But, OdinSchool was very flexible about the fee payment. The EMI option was very convenient. I was able to pay in smaller monthly installments and complete the course in 6 months. 

The placement experience

“My interview skills were bad. I had not given an interview in a very long time and needed to be coached on how to tackle the most basic questions. The team at OdinSchool did a fantastic job; both the Career Services team and the Placement team held my hand throughout my placement experience with Prolifics”, she reminisces.

“They would conduct mock interviews to help me reflect on my performance, so I could see the areas of my interview skills that I need to improve on in the future. This came in handy during my actual interviews. Prolifics had 3 rounds of interviews: two technical rounds and one HR round. I must say that I had a lot of confidence in myself while attending each of these rounds. Thanks to OdinSchool!” 

Somya fondly remembers that she had multiple one-on-one sessions with both the Career Services and the Placement Team to help strengthen her confidence in herself. Getting stuck in your career can be overwhelming. You could feel like you have reached an impasse and can't move forward. 

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