Epic Career Transition: Kriti's Non-IT Journey in Data Visualization

Epic Career Transition: Kriti's Non-IT Journey in Data Visualization


Kriti Gupta navigated a challenging journey where she balanced work and aspirations. However, financial pressures led her to relinquish UPSC dreams. Facing a sudden layoff, Kriti recalled her fascination with data science during her tenure and decided on a career transition. Overwhelmed by online resources, she found an industry-vetted structure at OdinSchool. Once apprehensive about coding, shares insights and advice, inspiring others with her journey from a tier III college to an expert BI developer.

"When I wanted to join the data science domain, someone told me to start my learning journey with Python, and I ended up learning HTML. That's how bad it was for me; I couldn't understand a thing..." Kriti thinks back.

Kriti Gupta is a Business Intelligence Developer at Skillsoft, but before she transitioned, she had a long learning journey to travel.

OdinGrad - Kriti Gupta success story

Kriti Gupta, a Mathematics graduate, faced a challenging journey in preparing for the UPSC exams over a span of three years. Faced with growing financial pressures, she decided to strike a balance between work and exam preparation. Initially joining Byju's as a content associate, Kriti found the dual commitment increasingly demanding, eventually leading her to reluctantly let go of her UPSC aspirations due to the pressing financial situation.

Undeterred, Kriti dedicated herself to her job, putting in four years of hard work and perseverance. Over time, she ascended to the role of a content developer. Despite the shift in her designation (content developer), her workload and salary remained relatively consistent throughout this period.

Kriti's determination to pursue data science

Suddenly, she got laid off amid Byju's mass layoffs. It was a devastating blow for Kriti, as she had dedicated four years of hard work and perseverance to her role as a content developer. The sudden loss of her job left her feeling lost and uncertain about her future.

However, as Kriti pondered the situation, she couldn't help but think about her experiences working at Byju's. Despite the demanding workload, she was drawn to current affairs and often attended and conducted webinars. It was during these moments that she began to notice the rising prominence of data science and became increasingly intrigued by it.

Kriti's curiosity led her to overwork herself, going above and beyond her duties to create dashboards and presentations related to this domain. She wanted to satisfy her growing interest in the rising level of data science. Little did she know then, but these extra efforts would be pivotal in her journey towards a career transition.

With this thought, she decided to pursue a career transition and pursue data science. However, she soon got lost because there were too many online learning resources, and she felt it might be impossible to cover everything in a single lifetime. That's when Kriti looked for a proper structure and came across OdinSchool, whose industry-vetted curriculum taught by industry veterans immediately made her join the data science course.

Kriti's learning journey at OdinSchool

I never liked coding from the beginning. I didn't even know which language to use
when I wanted to join the data science domain, someone told me to start my journey with Python, and I ended up learning HTML. That's how bad it was for me because I didn't understand anything, so I didn't know which language I was learning. I still freak out sometimes when it comes to coding, but then practice made me a lot better than I used to be. 

One great aspect of OdinSchool's program is its exceptional career guidance service and mentorship. Whenever Kriti had doubts or questions about her career transition to data science, she felt supported and encouraged by the OdinSchool team. 

Whenever she encountered a challenge or needed guidance, one could simply send an email to the mentor and receive a response within a maximum of 1-2 hours. Their expertise and insights were instrumental in helping me navigate through the learning process and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and techniques involved in data science.

In addition to the mentorship program, OdinSchool organizes OdinTalks where industry experts share their valuable insights and perspectives

Overall, the exceptional career guidance service and mentorship provided by OdinSchool were instrumental in my learning journey. They helped me overcome challenges and doubts and gave me invaluable advice and support. Thanks to their guidance, I successfully transitioned into the data science domain and embarked on a fulfilling career path.

Kriti's valuable insights and recommendations

  1. Spend a lot of time fine-tuning your LinkedIn profile.

  2. Keep 2-3 different formats of resume ready; I had one because I was also looking at a data analysis job as well.

  3. Concentrate more on job descriptions and keywords.

  4. Watch videos on YouTube of career transitions or their LinkedIn profiles. You'll learn from their profiles, and they will also be a motivating factor. Here are some success stories to look at.

  5. generally, people don't read books when preparing to enter data science; they mostly concentrate on practising coding, but I would say reading books tends to clear concepts more easily. Here are some free books to master data science.

  6. I had this misconception that you need to know coding to make it big in data science, but that's not true. Some BI developers are experts in making dashboards on any tool, and their business analysis is almost accurate, and they earn GREAT. So, it does not matter which stream you choose in data science; just be the best in it.

Kriti's Inspiring Journey Captured on Video

Kriti's journey is a shining example of how determination and guidance can unleash the power of transformation. 


"You might think she has a B.sc mathematics, so she understood coding, but mine was a tier III college, and I used to go to college only to appear for exams. And now I'm an expert BI developer, so if I can do it, you can definitely do it!" - Kriti Gupta.



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