Upskilling Beyond BSc: Bhavani's Data Science Voyage

Upskilling Beyond BSc: Bhavani's Data Science Voyage


Bhavani, a BSc graduate, felt constrained by job options and sought to upskill. She explored various career domains, ultimately drawn to data science by its rising demand and transformative potential. Joining OdinSchool for data science training, Bhavani was inspired by Nagalaxmi's story and saw an opportunity for career advancement and personal growth. Her journey exemplifies the power of upskilling and determination, regardless of background.

Raised in the embrace of a close-knit community, Bhavani possessed a spirit as vast as the endless fields that stretched before her. Yet, beneath the serene façade of her surroundings, Bhavani harbored ambitions that transcended the boundaries of her rural upbringing.

M. Bhavani resides in Rajanna Sircilla in Karimnagar district in Telangana. She is a graduate in BSc.

Feeling the limitations of job options with only her Bachelor of Science degree, Bhavani knew she needed to upskill to stand out in the competitive job market. So, she decided to explore different career domains and join a course that could help her upskill and also help her with placements.

What made Bhavani want to take up data science as a career?

While exploring various career avenues, Bhavani felt that she kept coming across data science and the rising demand for data scientists.

2.5 quintillion bytes (2.5 followed by 18 zeros) of data is created each day. Over the last two years alone, 90% of the data in the world has been generated. This massive amount of data generated every day has to be evaluated, cleansed, processed, stored, and analyzed.

A quote from Eric Schmidt: There were 5 exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every two days.

Her interest piqued as she discovered how data science is used across different industries to solve problems and make informed decisions. Data science stood out as a promising field, combining the challenge of analyzing complex information with the opportunity to make a real impact.

Data Science and AI: Unlocking the Potential Across 100+ Applications in Various Industries

Bhavani was captivated by the idea of using data to find patterns and insights that could influence major decisions in business and technology. As she dove deeper into data science, she found that this path didn't just open up new job opportunities—it also reignited Bhavani's enthusiasm for her career and her belief in her potential to influence her own future.

In addition, she was also attracted by the salaries data scientists or other data science professionals can command. On average, their base pay can go upto and beyond 28 lakhs.

Hence, Bhavani decided that this journey was not going to be just about career advancement but also about personal growth. She made up her mind to face challenges head-on, driven by her determination to succeed and her desire to be part of the tech-driven future.

Why Bhavani considered OdinSchool?

To keep up with the tech updates, Bhavani subscribed to many channels in YouTube and one of them was V the Techee. One evening, as Bhavani browsed through various educational videos, she came across an interview with Nagalaxmi, a data analyst who had recently returned to work after a ten-year career break. Nagalaxmi spoke candidly about the challenges and triumphs of her journey back into the tech industry, her words resonating deeply with Bhavani. She discussed how she updated her skills, the support she received, and how fulfilling it was to return to a field she loved, even after a decade away.

Bhavani's interest towards data science was fueled by this video and decided it was time to write a new chapter in her own career. Without thinking twice, she went through OdinSchool's website, had brief word with their student counselor and joined the data science course.

After joining the course, she was surprised that along with teaching technical subjects (which they do from scratch), OdinSchool also trains its students on different soft skills required by the industry. Bhavani loved their career guidance.

Example - OdinGrad Harshitha Shiva's google review

Joined Odin school a month ago. I really didn't expect this from a online course. It's a fantastic journey travelling with OdinSchool. I am a housewife with two year old kid. I joined in Data science boot camp. Instructors are very friendly, and they just spoonfeed everything so far. I am a non-IT student it's a complete career switch for me. I hope I will get job soon. They are doing their 100%; % rest will be in our hands our practice makes us reach the job very soon. They include doubt clarification sessions where instructors are available live to clarify our doubts. They also conduct alumni sessions where we can talk with passed out students from OdinSchool. The Best thing I like the most in OdinSchool is the ODIN TALKS sessions where we have live talk sessions with the industrialists. They give more insights about how to get a job, how to build our resume, and more. One more thing I feel is important is the LMS. They provide a vast amount of information about the content in the LMS, where we can even dive deeper into the core subjects. They conduct practice tests, module end tests, and many more. It's worth every penny. Coming to the class timings, they are very convenient, even for the job holders. They also give us aptitude and career building sessions where they boost up our confidence every week. OdinSchool is simply a complete package of knowledge for people who want all content and coaching in one place. this is the right place without even a first thought you can join the OdinSchool. I am very much excited about my journey a head with OdinSchool.

Bhavani's Inspiring Interview Video

Below are some rapid fire questions for Bhavani about the course and her insights.

Q: After how many months of course completion, did you get a job?
A: 1 year

Q: Is it not quite a long time to get a job even after joining a data science course?
A: Actually, I felt I wasn't ready for the interviews, so I took a lot of time to prepare and appear for the interviews.

Q: Are the company interviews conducted offline or online?
A: Depends on the company. 4SEER technologies conducted all rounds of interview online.

Q: On an average, how many companies will appear in OdinSchool's placement drive? 
A: Based on our profile and company requirements, we may get 2-3 companies on a monthly basis.

Q: Typically, when do the placements start in the OdinSchool data science course?
A: Placements are mostly held during the last month i.e 6th month of the course but sometimes you get a chance to face the placements even during the 5th month of the course.

Q: Other than the learnings in OdinSchool course, did you refer to any other material for your preparation?

A: Constant practice is the key in data science. Hence, other than the course and course material, I took to LinkedIn groups, and Github to practice on different kinds of data sets.

Q: What is your suggestion for the non-IT candidates aiming for data science?

A: 95% of the data science interviews depend on skills. So, IT or non-IT, background hardly matters. I would advice to concentrate more on upskilling than the background.



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