Why Join A Data Science Course in 2023

Why Join A Data Science Course in 2023


Not only is Data Science referred to as the most trending domain of the century, but it also has countless applications across a multitude of industries. This is why professionals who seek stability in their careers, choose Data Science. Hence the popularity of Data Science courses. In this article, read all about the potential of Data Science as a lucrative career path and why you should join a Data Science course in 2023. 

What is the relevance of Data Science courses in the current technological landscape? 

Once a technology becomes an industry standard, it garners a lot of support from all over the globe. These technologies that have a large community of stakeholders become strong and popular over time. Data Science is one such cutting-edge technology that has become a buzzword. In short, Data Science is here to stay.

Not only is it referred to as the most trending domain of the century, but it also has countless applications across a multitude of industries. This is why professionals who seek stability in their careers, choose Data Science. That is why Data Science courses have recently gained a lot of popularity. 

In this article, read all about the potential of Data Science as a lucrative career path and why you should join a Data Science course in 2023. 

Data Science: The Hottest Job of the Century

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There are multiple reasons for data science to be the most attractive job in the current scenario. Here is why:     

1. Big Data Architecture

The ability to compute large data is the first undebatable factor. Technologies like Spark, Kafka, and Hadoop analyze and predict the data in real-time. Companies like Uber or Ola can compute the tariff based on distance, location, weather, etc. When you request a cab, all the parameters are considered, and the optimal ride price is provided. Note that all the calculations happen in real-time, and technologies such as Kafka play a critical role in this regard.

2. Scalable Products

Any data science model needs to be scalable. This means it can be incorporated into a company's product or solution. Facebook uses a facial recognition system to detect the person in a picture. Similarly, many smartphones use facial recognition systems for unlocking phones for security reasons. Numerous such products can be generated using one facial recognition system. 

3. Demand for Process Automation

Errors are expensive. Humans are prone to errors. To minimize errors, we have to train many employees and create many process documents. This requires a lumpsum cost and effort. Due to analytical process automation, most organizations used excel data preparation in the past. But, today, this has been overtaken by a Python script or an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool like Power automate, Zoho flow, etc.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

The world is all set to sunset 4G internet and enter the 5G phase. The introduction of 4G made tremendous progress in IoT, such as Google Assistant, Smartwatches that track all your activities, and so on. 5G is also expected to revolutionize the way we navigate the world and live our lives.   

5. Cost Effectiveness

        Data Science helps bring down operation costs. For instance, training people could be expensive. But,            creating a bot from an existing bot is as easy as clicking a button. It has enabled organizations to adopt            Data Science rapidly.

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Data Science Salary Trends 

According to the Bureau of Statistics from the US Department of Labour, a career in Data Science is very promising. Their occupational outlook handbook,  published on 1 November 2022, states the following:

‘The Employment of data scientists is projected to grow 36 percent from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations. About 13,500 openings for data scientists are projected each year, on an average, over the decade.’

Due to the impending recession, many organizations in the United States plan to outsource their work outside the US for competitive advantage. This will certainly reinforce India’s position in the global market as one of the leading human resource providers.

Location Average Salary Estimated Take Home
Pune 8.5 LPA 62,000-63,000/month
Mumbai 10 LPA 72,000-74,000/month
New Delhi 10.5 LPA 75,000-77,000/month
Bengaluru 10.5 LPA 75,000-77,000/month
Hyderabad 8.4 LPA 61,000-62,000/month
Kolkata 9.5 LPA 68,000-70,000/month
Chennai 8.5 LPA 62,000-63,000/month
Source: AmbitionBox

Companies That Hire Data Science Professionals in India

Company Location
UnitedHealth Group Bengaluru
BlueJeans Bengaluru
Applied Electro Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. Chennai
Uniphore Bengaluru
Walmart Bengaluru
Cartesian Consulting Mumbai
Srijan Technologies Delhi
Sigmoid India Bengaluru
Intuit India Bengaluru
Infocepts India Nagpur

Why Join A Data Science Course in 2023

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A Data Science course lasts only a few months, is rigorous, hands-on, and job-oriented. Here is why you should choose a Data Science course in 2023.

1. Unlimited Job Opportunites

Owing to the numerous applications of Data Science, a data science professional can fit in almost any industry. Even non-IT professionals can transition to the field of data science with training. This is why Data Science courses are very popular. Owing to the ongoing data revolution and the increasing relevance of data in decision-making, Data Science will continue to be a top-paying industry for the foreseeable future.

2. A Lucrative Career Path

Data Science is currently one of the top-paying industries in the country. Due to the high demand, salary, and relevance, it is also considered the sexiest job of the 21st century. Data Science is also at the crux of the decision-making process; data-driven decisions are less prone to errors. Owing to this fact, the domain finds its applications in countless industries.

3. Foundational Learning

Data Science courses start from scratch; they accommodate the fact that not everyone comes from a technical background. The ability to write codes in languages such as Python, SQL, and R is typical of a data science professional. If you come from a non-technical background, a Data Science course is your best bet to get into Data Science. 

4. Hands-On experience

Knowing theories is way different from applying them to real-world problems. Data Science is much like learning to drive; the more hands-on experience you have, the better. Data Science courses come with real-world projects that help you acquire in-demand skills through applied learning. 

5. Experienced Instructors

The person who helps understand the concept of data science is critical and needs industrial exposure and real-time experience in performing data science tasks. This is where Data Science courses help as they are led by industry experts and thought leaders.

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Some Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting A Data Science Job

Follow these tips to maximize your chances of getting a Data Science job:

  • A good certification or a degree in data science helps the hiring manager to figure out your skill set. 
  • A data science portfolio increases the visibility of your skill set and knowledge.
  • Many self-learned data scientists do skip critical topics related to data science. So, a structured plan for learning data science helps you get a job. 
  • The more you practice, the more you learn. Taking up Data Science projects will help you put your skills to the test. 
  • Participate in hackathons to measure your skill set. 
  • Build a clean resume that is tailor-made for the role. 
  • Connect with data scientists, so you know the current market trends. 
  • Periodically discover versions and package updates to stay with the latest changes. 
  • If you are building a model or creating a Jupyter notebook, keep it simple
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Most Hiring managers certainly look at your LinkedIn profile before the hiring process. 

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