Data Science Interview Simulator

Are you gearing up for a career in data science and feeling the pressure of upcoming interviews? Don't let interview nerves hold you back from pursuing your dream career in data science.

Look no further! Our Data Science Interview Simulator is here to elevate your preparation and boost your confidence.Tailored specifically for aspiring all data science professionals, our simulator replicates real-world interview scenarios to provide you with an authentic experience.

Test yourself for a Data Science role with OdinSchool’s simulated interview.
  • It will take you about 30 to 35 minutes to complete the interview.
  • All questions are mandatory.
  • You do not need a camera or microphone to attempt this interview.
  • The interview comprises technical and behavioural questions.
  • The interview is a mix of multiple choice questions and descriptive questions.
  • Your answers will be shared with you after completion.

Are you ready for a career in Data Science?