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17 & 18
Sept 2022

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₹ 99,000 + GST

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Hear From Our Alumni


Nipun Gupta

Associate Data Scientist

Associate Data Scientist
"OdinSchool has the best-structured modules, that cover all the major skills required for Data Scientists, with hands-on experience on real-world projects. Their career services helped me get placed in a well-reputed company with a 226% salary hike."
Nidhi kulkarni

Nidhi Kulkarni

Software Engineer E2

Student Recruitment Advisor
Software Engineer E2
"Data Science applications are found in all fields. This gave me the confidence to apply for OdinSchool's Bootcamp, although I was from a non-technical background. The support I received from the mentors is unparalleled!"

Pranesh (1)

Pranesh Samala

Data Analyst

Associate Claims
Data Analyst
"OdinSchool's projects gave me the hands-on experience I needed. I was able to change my career path and successfully start my Data Science journey with Indegene in a span of just 6 months."


Kavya Pochampally

Research Associate

Central Processing Associate Manager
Research Associate
"I got fascinated by data analysis and machine learning while I was working at ICICI. My experience with OdinSchool was great. The curriculum is up-to-date, and their placement support is commendable."

Prudhvi Yerpula

IND Analyst

Process Executive
IND Analyst
"I got placed at AON after completing OdinSchool's Data Science Bootcamp. Thanks to OdinSchool; my Data Science career started on a great note. I am looking forward to growing further in the field."

Naveen Cheedi

Implementation Analyst

Senior Reliability Analyst
Implementation Analyst
"I love data and hence, followed my passion for pursuing Data Science as a career option. I haven't regretted the career transition one bit. Cheers to Team OdinSchool for helping me with the transition!"


Senior Analyst

Single Window Operator
Senior Analyst
"I was a full-time mother and had a career gap of 6 years. I was apprehensive about re-entering the workforce. But, OdinSchool's Data Science Bootcamp is very thorough. Their career services and mock interviews helped me relaunch my career."

Bootcamp Outcomes

Acquire the most in-demand skills to propel your career in Data Science. 

Understand and apply statistics for real-time analysis

Master Python and other tools for data analysis, pattern prediction, and visualization

Use SQL to build and maintain databases to manipulate data like a pro

Understand and apply Machine Learning algorithms


Who Can Join?

The Data Science Bootcamp is for you if you are looking for a:

  • Group 3621

    Career Launch

    Launch your career in Data Science

  • Group 3622

    Career Change

    Transition to the in-demand field of Data Science

  • Group 3620

    Career Upgrade

    Upgrade your skill set for your career growth

  • Group 3619

    Career Relaunch

    Re-enter the workforce after your career break

Bootcamp Curriculum

  • Group 3624


    Hours Of Learning

  • Group 3623


    Weekend Classes

  • Group 3625


    Based Learning

  • Group 3615


    Placement Assistance

Core Curriculum
Descriptive Statistics
Mini-Capstone Project
Advanced Python
Advanced SQL
Capstone Project
Data Engineering
Exploratory Data Analysis
Machine Learning
Power BI
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Work On Multiple Real-World Projects

  • Bank Marketing Dataset

    A reputed Portuguese bank needs help with marketing campaigns. Perform Exploratory Data Analysis, use Classification methods such as K-nearest neighbors and decision trees to devise the best strategy.
  • Academic Performance

    Does correlation equal causation? Does language affect performance? Answer these questions using statistical tests and methods. Predict a student’s performance using Linear and regularized regression.
  • Real Estate Investment

    Real estate is a staple investment option that calls for a careful and cautious market research analysis. In this project, develop both classification and regression models and use AOC curves to pick the best one.
  • Sales Growth Dashboard

    Create the Sales Growth Dashboard to measure the performance of your sales team and the amount of revenue that can be generated within a specified time frame.
  • Diabetes Prediction

    Based on the information about diabetes risk factors, identify important parameters using statistical tests and build a Classification model to predict whether a given patient is diabetic or not.
  • IMUS Inventory Analysis

    Analyze the dataset that has information on IMUS available in the inventory to check the availability of the products and product information.
  • Credit Fraud Detection

    Using a credit card transactions dataset and multiple unsupervised anomaly detection algorithms, identify transactions with a high probability of being credit card fraud.

Bootcamp Highlights

Dynamic industry-vetted curriculum

Cohort-based learning

Live weekly classes

Projects and simulations

Personalized interactions with instructors

Mentorship with professionals

Career services and placement support



How To Enroll?

  • Apply

    Apply for the Data Science Bootcamp

  • Get Evaluated

    Take the admission test

  • Avail Scholarship

    Earn your scholarship for the Bootcamp

  • Enroll

    Start your Data Science journey



Career Services 

OdinSchool's Career Services are a combination of holistic services that nurture the crucial facets of one's career.

  • Group 3623


    Weekly workshops on workplace behavioral skills

  • Group 3614


    Mock interviews to boost confidence

  • Group 3626

    Profile Building

    Resume and professional profile building assistance

  • Group 3615

    Placement Assistance

    360° placement assistance to fast-track placement

Bootcamp Fee

Upcoming Cohorts :

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bootcamp includes around 500 hours of learning spread across 6 months. We expect you to put in around 15 hours of work on the weekends throughout the duration of the Bootcamp. The time commitment will be towards live-classes, team tasks, assignments, quizzes, and project work.

You will work on around 7 projects across the core domains in the bootcamp. Projects are kept updated in line with industry trends; so expect variety.

All of our instructors are industry veterans with extensive core experience in their respective fields. Our instructors also come with a passion to teach and enjoy interacting with students.

The outcome of the Bootcamp is a job in Data Science. Using multiple projects, we will train you in the essential tools and technologies needed to get a data science job.

All classes are conducted online over the internet using video conferencing solutions like Zoom or Webex. You will require access to the internet (2 Mbps+ recommended) on a computer (preferred) or on a mobile device to attend. Class size may vary depending on the specific cohort. However, we have teaching assistants available to interact in small groups and also conduct one-on-one sessions.

You can clarify doubts right within your lectures from the instructors. Or, you can reach out to us via our discussion forums anytime you get stuck. Your learning will be over our online learning management system available to you anytime, anywhere.

As part of the OdinSchool mentorship program, practicing industry professionals are brought into the bootcamp to interact with students and provide industry insight. Mentors interact with students in groups and in one-to-one sessions providing guidance. Our mentors are very knowledgeable in their subjects and have a passion for helping students.


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