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Skilled people, who are technologically competent, can solve problems hands-on and embody the 21st-century workplace skills, are fundamental to the productivity of any organization. Unfortunately, they are also one of the scarcest resources today.

At OdinSchool, we understand what you need. We empower our students with the right skill mix so that they are productive from Day 1.

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Why hire OdinSchoolGrads?

  • Industry-endorsed curriculum
  • High quality grads with hands-on practice
  • Trained and mentored resources
  • Customised profile matching
  • The easy and quick hiring process
  • No hiring fee
  • Continuous support

Collaborate for Talks and Mentorships



Training turns people into knowledgeable and skilled resources


Mentoring transforms them into wise assets which is why mentoring is such as intrinsic part of OdinSchool career programs


We welcome you to partner with us and help mentor young aspiring minds.


OdinSchool mentorship program involves active working professionals who guide our students through the program. We look for mentors who are passionate about helping the next generation and are keen to give back. Our mentors are well-experienced with the right skills to effectively help, support, and guide our students.

Why Mentor?

For the Greater Good


Contribute to narrowing the skill gap in the industry

For the satisfaction


Bask in the satisfaction of having shaped an upcoming talent

For early access to talent


Identify gems while in the making and pick them to work with you

How to become a mentor?


Apply and begin your empanelment process


Interact with us to help us understand you better


Join OdinSchool family as a mentor

We customise skilling programs for your specific needs


With the half-life of technology dropping to less than one year, continuous upskilling is the only way to stay relevant in this highly competitive world. Skill your in-house teams with OdinSchool technology courses and stay ahead in the game.

We go one step ahead and customize our training program to meet your specific requirements


Program Highlights

Duration and timings customized to meet your schedule
A healthy mix of self-learning and live engagement
Progress report shared with the management regularly
Assessment based Certification for credibility
Customised hassle-free pricing structure

Contact us to upskill your in-house team


Have an upcoming requirement? We can train-on-demand for you

  • Let us know what you are exactly seeking
  • We mobilise candidates based on your specifications
  • The candidates are trained as per your requirements
  • We present them to you for hiring
  • Pay per candidate you hire

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