Data Analytics Explosion | Data Analytics

Data Analytics Explosion | Data Analytics

Looking at about one year back, things have exploded completely. Today, in any healthcare space or a pharma space, there are a lot of channels. There are digital channels, social media channels, and conferences etc. Nowadays, you can give a drug to a patient which has a chip and that chip sends you information every nanosecond about its journey through the body. So now you can imagine the amount of data you can get.
If you have a Fitbit, its senses data on heart, pulse, the respiratory rates etc. That gives you a lot of data about the health of a patient. Now combine all that together, the data needs to increase drastically and that's why we have gone on to use all the Big Data technologies like Hadoop etc. You begin to realize that it's not about one stakeholder, it's multiple stakeholders all combined together, multiple channels and data sources. But the need still remains the same and the question still remains: How can my sales increase? Who is prescribing and how it is getting done? So my question has not changed over the last 15 years. What has happened is that the enablers to that question have creasing drastically.

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