Perspective of a Consultant to Data Analytics | Data Analytics

Perspective of a Consultant to Data Analytics | Data Analytics

Hi, my name is Dr. Rohit Bhojaraj, and I am a physician by training but have been into consulting for quite some time now, after completing my MBA.
With a specialization in the Pharma and Healthcare space, my focus is around selling drugs to doctors in the pharmaceutical industry and managing patients in healthcare, hospital, or large government institution. Over the last 12 years, consulting has been all about knowing the customer's situation and then providing the right recommendation to them; this recommendation involves the use of data and data analysis to a vast extent. So, to provide these consulting services, one has to build a solid ground in data analytics, which is what I have been doing over the last couple of years.
While working on our consulting projects, we began to realize how analytics is gradually becoming core to most of the business decision-making that is taking place today. With this article, I will be taking you through the journey of the evolution of analytics by looking at it from a business perspective and a technological perspective. So, let's take the two and put them together, and see how analytics has evolved on both sides of the table.

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