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Explainable AI and Its Use Cases From Industry

Aakash Gupta, Founder & CEO | 30 Jul 2021
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About the speaker

Aakash is the CEO & Co-Founder of Think Evolve Consultancy LLP. He has a rich & diversified experience in managing Data Science teams. He was the former Vice President at Edelweiss, and has also served as the Deputy Vice President and Principal Data Scientist.  For the past 12 years, he has also held various senior roles in the BFSI sectors. He is an Alumni of the Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM). Aakash is a multiple hackathon winner, Kaggler, and an open-source advocate. 


Machine Learning (ML) has become quite ubiquitous across the number of industries we have. Whenever you swipe your card there is a Machine Learning model that does all the checks in the background for risk assessment. Even OTT platforms and e-Commerce websites track our interactions and make recommendations to us. In the Healthcare industry, Machine Learning is used to store and retrieve patients records, and even diagnose diseases. Also used in Defence, Establishment, Automotive vehicles, Satellite images, Speech recognition, Face Identification and so on. In essence, the application of ML is vast. 

What is Explainable AI? Why is there a need for explanations? 

Ever got frustrated when the loan gets rejected and you do not have any idea why? 

Watch the full video to know how Explainable AI’s are used by banks to grant/ reject loans. Also learn more about the various use cases of Explainable AI’s across industries.

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