Use Cases of Data Analytics in Automation and Manufacturing

Amit Rustagi, Manager - Data Analytics | 22 Dec 2023
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About the speaker

Mr. Amit Rustagi is an experienced Senior Data & Analytics Manager with over 21 years of expertise in translating business needs into technical requirements and defining data standards. He has a proven track record of using analytics and data mining to drive tangible business improvements. Throughout his career, Mr. Rustagi has built innovative solutions, often embedded in products, that serve both the market and various business functions. He is skilled at defining solution architecture, crafting appropriate machine learning, optimization and experimentation models and collaborating with cross-functional teams to execute these models. Mr. Rustagi takes full ownership of end-to-end analytics projects, from design and development to delivery of solutions including dashboards, data engineering and data science. He has made significant contributions such as automating the Product Engineering dashboard and improving process efficiency for material receiving and Oracle applications company-wide.


Data science leader Amit Rustagi draws on over two decades of experience to give a compelling overview of the evolution of data analytics and its transformational impact on manufacturing and automation on this episode of OdinTalk. He traces the genesis of data science from its origins in statistical analysis and business intelligence to the sophisticated AI/ML applications that now power smart factories and supply chains globally.

According to Mr. Rustagi, some major use cases that are revolutionizing production include predictive maintenance to significantly minimize downtime, advanced process control solutions to dynamically optimize and stabilize processes, lowering quality variances, and computer vision applications to enable safer, more consistent inspection and quality testing. He emphasizes how techniques like reinforcement learning allow artificial intelligence to learn complex tasks with greater precision than ever before.

In an insightful Q&A session, he advises budding analytics leaders on building versatile skillsets and crafting solutions focused on tangible impacts aligned to company goals. For deeper discussions on real-world applications in analytics and insights into building a meaningful career in the field, do catch the full podcast video featuring Mr. Rustagi’s industry experience on OdinTalk.

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