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The Roadmap to a Career in Data Science

Dr. Anand Fadte, Chief Technology Officer | 08 Jan 2022
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About the speaker

Anand Fadte is an experienced Technology Head / AI Practice Head - Software Engineering with a demonstrated track record of Techno-Functional Leadership in Insurance and Financial domain. He builds innovative solutions and accelerators for AI and ML. Anand is skilled in Python, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Public Speaking, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning, Mobile development using Flutter and Dart. He has extensive knowledge in building AI/ML Ops from scratch, multiple AI Aps using AWS SageMaker, H2O.ai, Applied AI etc. Anand has led large-scale technology transformations in Mainframe, Java,  .Net, Mobile development, Python etc. He has over 20+ years of experience in Solution Architecture, Building Global Teams, Key Account Management, Business Development, Program Management, Product Management, Presales & Business Analytics.


  • The upward demand for a Data Scientist

  • What can a  Data Scientist do?

  • Roadmap/skillset - Data Scientist

  • Machine Learning Engineer vs Data Scientist

  • Career transition possibilities

In this interactive session, Anand shares insights on how to become a Data Science professional and why. He also highlights the skills required for a Data Science professional. 

Watch the full video to know the Roadmap to success in the Data Science domain.

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