Data Scientist's Journey & Use Case Evolution

Arka Prava Bandyopadhyay, Lead Data Scientist | 22 Mar 2024
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About the speaker

Arka Prava Bandyopadhyay is a data scientist with over 7 years of experience specialising in healthcare payment integrity. He excels in machine learning, transfer learning, data mining, and analytics and has a knack for translating these into tangible business outcomes. His expertise extends to big data technologies and cloud-based platforms. Currently, he is the Lead Data Scientist at Carelon Global Solutions, where he leverages his skills to solve complex problems and deliver meaningful insights.


In this interactive session, Arka Prava Bandyopadhyay shares his insightful journey into the field of data science. He begins by sharing his journey into the field, detailing his journey of becoming a data scientist and the challenges he faced. His candid discussion about the obstacles he encountered and how he overcame them provides valuable insights for anyone considering a career in data science.

Arka Prava then delves into his secret to success in the field, sharing his strategies and methodologies that have enabled him to excel. He discusses his expertise in various areas such as machine learning, transfer learning, data mining, and analytics, and how he leverages these skills to deliver meaningful business insights. He provides a comprehensive overview of how these use cases have evolved, reflecting the rapid technological advancements and the increasing demand for data-driven solutions.

Arka Prava meticulously explains the process, starting with an introduction to the use case, followed by a discussion on preprocessing and machine learning methods for classification. He also provides an in-depth explanation of the models used and the rationale behind their selection. He further explores deep learning methods, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of these advanced techniques. He compares various models, discusses their strengths and weaknesses, and guides on choosing the right model for specific tasks.

The session concludes with a Q&A session, where Arka Prava answers questions from listeners, providing further insights into the world of data science. Watch the full video to gain insights.

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