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4 Fields of Data Science

Dr. Chiranjiv Roy, Vice President | Course5i | December 14, 2021

Data Science
4 Fields of Data Science
1 hour, 08 minutes
Dr. Chiranjiv Roy

About the speaker:

Dr. Chiranjiv has a Ph.D. in Applied Machine Learning. With more than 18 research publications in leading international journals and conferences, he has Dual Masters in Statistics and Operational Research. He is a visiting faculty at various renowned institutes like CET, NIT, IIIT, IIM, IIT, US, and Singapore Universities. He has 20+ years of experience in Data Science & Analytics level leadership in Advanced Analytics, AI/ML, Big Data, Robotics, and Data Engineering with hands-on architecting and incubating teams for Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, R&D, and Cloud SaaS for startups and Fortune 100 companies.


In this Interactive session, Dr. Chiranjiv spotlights the impact of the pandemic on digitalization across industries and the consequent demand for skilled talent. 

He states that though the movements of human beings are halted, the data started moving across and that's where the data professionals are making an impact. According to reports of digital transformation of 2021, 57% companies use automation in multiple business functions. Also, 50% of employees need to re-skill themselves. He also sheds light on the top 10 skills required by the fiscal year 2025.

Watch the full video to know those skills.