Learn How to Ace Data Science Project Presentations in an Interview

Jyant Mahara, Data Science Lead | 14 Jul 2023
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About the speaker

Jyant Mahara is a data enthusiast with vast knowledge of artificial intelligence. He is adept at analyzing data using software applications such as SAS, R, and Python. Jyant started his career as a Data Analyst and currently works as Data Science Lead at ZScaler. He has worked on various technology models with respect to chatbots, image attribution, language models, and pricing models.


In this session, we bring together three talented students eager to showcase their data science projects. Each participant presents their project, and our expert speaker, Jyant Mahara, provides constructive feedback and valuable insights on how to deliver an outstanding presentation.

The episode kicks off as the first student confidently presents their data science project, highlighting the problem statement, data collection, preprocessing, modeling techniques, and the results achieved. Jyant Mahara carefully evaluates the presentation style, clarity, and content, offering tips on organizing information effectively and captivating the audience with engaging storytelling techniques.

Next up is the second student, who presents their data science project with a different approach. Jyant Mahara emphasizes the importance of tailoring the presentation to the specific role and audience, focusing on highlighting relevant skills and accomplishments that align with the prospective employer's needs.

The third student brings their unique perspective to the table, sharing their data science project journey. Jyant Mahara takes this opportunity to discuss the significance of showcasing problem-solving abilities and demonstrating how to effectively communicate complex technical concepts in a simple and understandable manner.

After the project presentations, the episode concludes with an interactive Q&A session. 

Watch the full video to learn how to present your project now.

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