Exploring Generative AI

Krishna Chaitanya, Senior Solutions Architect (Gen AI) | 09 Feb 2024
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About the speaker

Krishna is an accomplished data scientist with proven expertise across the full lifespan of machine learning projects, from idea generation through production deployment. Seasoned in computer vision and natural language processing, having worked on convolutional neural networks, object detection/classification, image segmentation, information retrieval, question answering systems, large language models, search engines, and traditional regression and classification models. Certified in deploying cloud-based AI solutions on AWS, GCP, and Azure. A multifaceted analytic professional capable of tackling diverse data science challenges.


In this interactive session, Krishna recounts his early career struggles after graduation before becoming an accomplished data scientist. He explains the concept of generative AI, algorithms capable of creating original synthetic content and leading models like DALL-E 2, GPT-3, and Stable Diffusion. Krishna then delves into real-world applications, walking through an end-to-end example of leveraging generative AI to build a solution. 

Starting with defining the problem statement of using generative art to automatically create product images, he details considerations like data preprocessing and process flow planning. 

Krishna fields audience questions about responsible use of generative AI and suggestions for those looking to enter the field. He advises focusing on fundamentals like data analysis and coding over buzzword technologies. 

With his personalized perspectives and actionable advice, Krishna successfully breaks down this leading-edge machine learning capability. Tune in to gain technical insights and career wisdom while also witnessing generative AI’s capabilities firsthand. Whether looking to leverage AI or get started in data science, this OdinTalk episode delivers insight for the innovative practitioner. Watch the full video to grab the insights.

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