Use Cases of Power BI

Krishnakanth Thummalacherla, Visualization Engineer | 15 Mar 2024
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About the speaker

Krishnakanth Thummalacherla, a Visualization Engineer at QuestGlobal, brings over 3.6 years of experience as a Data Analyst. With expertise in MS Power BI, PowerApps, and SQL Server, he excels in data visualization and business intelligence. His journey from Electrical Engineering to Data Analytics showcases his commitment to actionable insights and business growth. Recognized for his collaborative spirit and problem-solving skills, Krishnakanth is on a quest to evolve into a Data Scientist. His passion extends beyond work to travel, reading, badminton, and astronomy, reflecting his continuous pursuit of learning and self-improvement.


In this interactive session, Krishnakanth shares insights on how Power BI, the powerful tool, revolutionizes data visualization and business intelligence. His journey into the field of Data Science exemplifies his unwavering commitment to actionable insights and business growth. His collaborative spirit and problem-solving skills have propelled him forward, and he aspires to evolve into a Data Scientist.

Krishnakanth simplifies how Power BI empowers users to connect, transform, and visualize data from various sources. Whether you're a business analyst, data scientist, or executive, Power BI offers a user-friendly interface for creating interactive reports and dashboards. He also highlights its role in data-driven decision-making. From tracking KPIs to analyzing customer behaviour and monitoring supply chains, Power BI provides actionable insights.

Addressing career gaps, Krishnakanth emphasizes continuous learning, side projects, and networking. Employers value skills and adaptability, so showcasing expertise through projects and certifications is crucial. Krishna Kanth also shares tips on creating resumes that resonate with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Tailoring resumes with relevant keywords, quantifiable achievements, and a clear narrative enhances the chances of landing interviews.

Throughout the session, Krishna Kanth engages with learners, answering queries. For more insights, watch the full video.

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