Understanding Advanced Data Science Applications in Retail

Manish Kumar Singh, Data Scientist | 07 Jul 2023
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About the speaker

Manish Kumar, an experienced Data Scientist with 6+ years of expertise, is currently thriving at Walmart Labs. With a diverse background in Retail, Finance, Energy, and Transportation, Manish excels in Regression, Classification, Clustering, NLP, Time Series, and Deep Learning. He is proficient in handling massive datasets with billions of rows, He has a strong command of Spark, Scala, Python, and SQL. With a learning mindset, he remains curious and enthusiastic to acquire new skills and implement them effectively. A dedicated problem solver, Manish is always ready to embrace novel challenges and expand his knowledge.


In this session,  Manish Kumar discusses his remarkable journey in the Data Science field. The conversation centered around the significant usage of data analytics in the retail industry, exploring how it has transformed decision-making processes, customer experiences, and business strategies.

Manish sheds light on the evolution of technology over the years, highlighting its impact on data analytics and the retail sector. From traditional statistical methods to the emergence of advanced techniques, the discussion offered valuable insights into the changing landscape of technology in retail.

Deep learning, a fascinating aspect of data analytics, took center stage as Manish provides a comprehensive explanation of its principles and applications. The conversation further delved into Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), elucidating their roles and significance in data analysis within the retail domain.

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