NLP, Sentiment Analysis, and Streamlining with MLflow and Streamlit

Poomathi Thangarasu, Data Science Professional | 17 May 2024
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About the speaker

Poomathi Thangarasu, a Data Science professional with over 9 years of experience, excels in Marketing and Business Analytics. She has a proven track record in delivering effective solutions for renowned global companies. Her expertise spans Campaign Strategy, ROI Analysis, A/B Testing, Customer Segmentation, Data Reporting, and Credit Risk Analytics. Poomathi’s ability to tell compelling stories with data sets her apart in the field. Her knowledge of Pricing Analytics and Automation, along with her strategic marketing approach, makes her a valuable asset in any team.


In this interactive session, Poomathi Thangarasu explores the fascinating world of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Sentiment Analysis, and how to streamline these processes with MLflow and Streamlit. She begins with insights into the scope of a Data Scientist in the current market. She then moves on to explain the concepts of NLP, Text Mining, and Text Analytics in a simple and understandable manner. 

Poomathi delves into the different approaches to Sentiment Analysis. She explains how these techniques can help businesses understand their customers better and make data-driven decisions. The session also includes a live demo where Poomathi showcases how to implement these concepts using MLflow and Streamlit. This hands-on session provides listeners with a practical understanding of the subject matter. 

The session concludes with a Q&A session where Poomathi answers queries from the learners, providing further clarity on the topics discussed. Don't miss out on this insightful episode. Watch the full video to gain a deeper understanding of NLP, Sentiment Analysis, and how to streamline your data science projects with MLflow and Streamlit.

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