Query Structured Data using LangChain Agents and LLM’s

Pradeep Varanasi, Data Science Manager | 10 May 2024
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About the speaker

Pradeep Varanasi, currently a Data Science Manager at Tredence, brings a wealth of knowledge from various domains. His expertise in Python, R, TensorFlow, and PySpark, along with his proficiency in statistical techniques and visualization tools, allows him to deliver actionable insights. Pradeep's passion for transforming data into strategies that drive business growth and improve decision-making sets him apart in the field of data science.


In this interactive session, Pradeep Varanasi shares insights on his fascinating journey through the world of data science. He shares his personal experiences, the challenges he faced, and his road to success in becoming a data scientist.

Pradeep delves into the evolution of AI/ML solutions, providing real-world use cases that highlight the transformative power of these technologies. He also introduces us to the concept of Gen AI and its potential to revolutionize various industries. He also shares insights on LangChain Agents and Large Language Models (LLMs).

Pradeep explains these concepts simply and understandably, making it accessible even to those new to the field. He also provides a live demo, showcasing the practical applications of these technologies. The session concludes with a Q&A session, where Pradeep answers queries from listeners, further enriching the discussion with his insights and expertise.

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