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Raam Gururajan, AI Specialist | 30 Sep 2022
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About the speaker

Raam is a leader in Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) with proven experience in building successful algorithms and predictive models for various use cases in Natural language processing(NLP) & Vision. He is highly adept in solution architecture, full stack development and end-to-end machine learning. Equipped with sound mathematical background and profound insights, he leads and delivers precision engineered solutions. His specialization is in Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning. He is a winner of Best Paper Award from IIM-Bangalore for his work on a continuous time Deep Reinforcement model for sequential decision making in dynamic environments. He is a part-time visiting faculty for Great Lakes Institute of Management for AI & ML and ongoing academic research in Self Supervised Learning.


In this video, Raam Gururajan outlines Data Science Roles & Trends. He starts with the topic “Senior management evolution in Data Science.” 

He explains various Data Science roles elaborates on processes such as Data Preparation, Model Development, Model Integration, and Model Evaluation and how much time a Data Science professional has to dedicate for each of them.

He also lists what an organization expects out of a Data Science professional: 

  • Problem Solver
  • Analytical mind
  • Ability to code
  • Data Skills
  • Mastery over models

Watch the video to learn all about what you need to succeed in coding roles.

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