Algorithmic Government

Dr. Rajan Gupta, Head, Research & Analytics | 23 Jul 2021
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About the speaker

Dr. Rajan Gupta is a Research & Analytics professional with a Postdoctoral degree in Data Science & Modelling. He has 12+ years of combined experience in research, consulting, teaching & training in areas like the Public Sector, E-Governance, Information Systems, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Consumer Behaviour & Market Research. He authored and co-authored more than 75 Research Publications in the form of Journal papers, White papers, Conference papers, Research articles, and Book chapters.

He is currently heading the Research & Analytics (R&A) Division of Analyttica Datalab Inc, which is a contextual Data Science & Machine Learning platform company in experiential AI/ML & Analytics EdTech space at the global level. He is also responsible for converting client requests into a skilling path for working professionals through the unique methodology of 'Learn, Apply and Solve'. Authored five books in the area of Analytics Certification Exam preparation, E-Governance, Algorithmic Government, and EdgeAI Computing.


Dr. Rajan starts the session by explaining Algorithmic Government and its applications in developed and developing countries. He elaborates on the growing significance of Data Science in governance and how all of us are already a part of this system. 

Rajan outlines Data Science for the public sector, how it is being used by the government and also how you can prosper your career in this field.

Points covered:

  • Evolution of Governance
  • What is Algorithmic Government
  • Technologies Required
  • Data Science Background
  • Why India needs Data Science?
And more...

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