Use Cases of Generative AI

Rajeswaran V, Senior Director | 01 Dec 2023
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About the speaker

Rajeswaran V has over 28 years of experience, including 13+ years in data science. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from IIMC and a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from Texas, A&M University, USA. As a Generative AI portfolio board member at Capgemini, he has delivered Generative AI solutions to customers for 2+ years. In 2021, he predicted the rise of GenAI. Currently, as Head of the AI CoE for the past 4+ years, he leads a team of 200+ AI specialists delivering multiple GenAI projects across clients. His expertise spans predictive modeling, machine learning, and leveraging AI to drive business value. With his diverse education, research, and industry experience in both technology and management, he is well-positioned to lead advanced AI initiatives.


Rajeswaran shares his journey and early leadership in emergent technologies like generative AI. He predicted the rise of GenAI in 2021 and discusses how companies identified its applications across industries.

Highlighting diverse use cases, Rajeswaran offers a framework on how to select the right generative model based on your problem and data. He advises leveraging AI when you need to uncover insights at scale or generate new data, exploring challenges best tackled by neural networks.

Rajeswaran then delves into the ethical considerations around GenAI - setting up guardrails to reduce harmful bias and modeling misuse cases to stress test systems. He reflects on learnings from delivering GenAI solutions over the past two years that enabled value creation for clients while keeping ethics at the core.

With decades straddling research and real-world AI development, Rajeswaran brings a unique vantage drawing from both theory and practice. Watch the full video to learn more as the session concludes with an insightful Q&A covering everything from the future of AI careers to productivity improvements with digital assistants.

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