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Information Extraction from NLP

Sarveshwaran Rajagopal, Data Science Specialist, LTIMindtree | June 02, 2023

Data Science
Information Extraction from NLP
1 hour, 04 minutes
Sarveshwaran Rajagopal

About the speaker:

Sarveshwaran Rajagopal is a certified Data Scientist from IIT Stuart School of Business, Great Lakes Institute of Management, and Bits Pilani. He specializes in using data-driven strategies and advanced analytics to help businesses grow.  With expertise in Data Science, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Computer Vision, NLP, and Team Management, he has helped mentor 840+ learners with an overall 1065+ mentoring hours to working professionals in the areas of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Sarveshwaran is currently working as a Data Science Specialist at LTIMindtree. 


Points covered:
  • What is Information Extraction?
  • How can we extract the entitles?
  • Use case of Information extraction - Resume Shortlisting
  • Tools and Libraries used for extracting in the use case
  • Understanding text
  • Information Extraction Pipeline
  • Models for Information Extraction
    • Rule-based models
    • Probabilistic models
  • Model Evaluation
  • Proposed solution
  • Training Data

Watch the full video to know Information Extraction with NLP on the use case of Resume shortlisting.