Data Science in Diabetes Diagnosis

Satish Kathirisetti, Co-Founder | 12 May 2022
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About the speaker

Satish has 25+ years of experience in Technology & Executive Leadership. He has served in the Board of Directors., Co-founder/CTO in 2 start-ups. He scaled Product strategies and business models ensuring high returns on deployed capital. He has built and managed teams across Engineering, Product Management, Operations in Telecom, Cloud Platforms, Analytics/AI/ML, and Healthcare domains. 


Satish shares how he changed his life from architecture to the data science domain. He elaborates on the extensive applications of data science, especially in the healthcare industry. He shares also shares a case study on diabetes, which was resolved using data science techniques. 

He explains the basics of diabetes and its types for a clear understanding of the participants. Also shares some sample demographics of the people with high sugar levels and how it affects the person’s health.

He also shares a patient’s profile for a complete understanding of the glucose structure and how it relates to data science for cures.

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