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Applications of Artificial Generative Intelligence

Sharath Chandra, Principal Data Scientist | 24 Nov 2023
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About the speaker

Sharath Chandra is currently a Principal Data Scientist at Microsoft with 14+ years of experience across aerospace, services, and healthcare domains. He is proficient in solving complex problems related to text mining, speech recognition, image processing, data visualization, and data engineering solutions. He has rich technical leadership experience in system architecture, design, and automation processes for aerospace components and products like aircraft engines, auxiliary power units, and environmental control systems, using both agile and waterfall approaches. He has developed patented methodologies for efficient and robust product and process design. Certified in agile and scrum methodologies with over 6 years of expertise implementing agile processes. He strongly focuses on enhancing customer experience and human-centered design. He is highly skilled in programming languages like Python, C++, R, Java and C# along with CAD software development.


In this interactive session, Sharath Chandra shares his journey into data science and discusses the evolution of AI, including the rise of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, in this thought-provoking discussion. 

Walking through milestone innovations leading to today's generative AI, Sharath spotlights ethical considerations in preventing bias. He explains how LLMs work and how organizations everywhere are utilizing these powerful tools - with the right data and prompt engineering - to increase productivity.

Through real-world examples of LLM applications, from creating content to automating customer support, Sharath makes a compelling case for harnessing AI's creative potential while maintaining responsible oversight. His visionary yet balanced views allow business leaders to cut through the hype and pinpoint exactly how to apply artificial intelligence for strategic business advantage.

Don’t miss the full video to get Sharath’s strategic advice on leveraging AI to drive business growth!

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